UNMSM students reject Congressman Alejandro Muñante and prevent his conversation

The students of the National University of San Marcos They showed their discontent with the congressman Alejandro Muñantefrom Renovación Popular, who arrived as a guest at one of the faculties on Wednesday, June 5.

Through his social networks, the parliamentarian regretted not having been able to give the conference that was scheduled for 03:30 pm, since he had to leave the Dean of America before the tumult became greater.

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In detail

Together with Olga Izquierdo and Paola Martínez, Alejandro Muñante was going to give the academic talk “Influence of Globalism on the conception of human rights.”

However, the students reproached his arrival and raised their demands: “Muñante, listen: San Marcos disowns you! San Marcos belongs to the people and not to the corrupt.”

Faced with this scenario, the official chose to withdraw and later share a message via X:

A group of leftist radicals forcibly prevented the free dissemination of ideas at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. However, we will remain firm in the fight against the imposition of a single thought. Long live freedom! The San Marcos residents I know would not do this to another San Marcos. Do not fool yourselves, nor fool the rest, a group of violentists does not even remotely represent the students of the Dean of America. Long live freedom!

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«Diversity of ideas»

In the program At the end of the day, on Canal N, Alejandro Muñante expressed his discomfort at an apparent lack of “diversity of ideas” in the institution:

It is a tiny group that does not represent the more than 57 thousand students. They say they are very supportive of diversity, but the most basic diversity, because they do not tolerate diversity of ideas.

Likewise, he spoke about the absence of guarantees for the event to continue its course:

We decided to cancel the event because the guarantees were not provided to be able to carry it out. I regret that the Dean of America has people who show contempt for diversity of ideas and freedom of thought.

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