The Prosecutor’s Office requests eight years in prison for the driver accused of the death of two Argentinian women

Maldonado’s prosecutor, Sebastian Robles, requested eight years in prison for Nicolás Roccacharged since February of last year by the car accident in which two Argentine models diedwhich occurred on January 4, 2023 in Springs.

As reported by El País and sources of the case confirmed to The Observer, Robles will ask that Rocca go to prison for a crime of culpable homicide.

According to article 314 of the Penal Code, the penalty for this crime is from six months to eight yearsand indicates that the maximum penalty that Robles requested is justified if the perpetrator is responsible for the death of two or more people.

The prosecutor had ready to present his accusation against Rocca for the deaths of the Argentine Micaela Trinidad (26 years old) and Josefina Ferrero (the driver, 27 years old) in mid-January 2024, but requested an extension in February due to a “approach between the defense of the accused and that of the victims” to seek an abbreviated agreement.

Robles decided to present his request for conviction this month, the last of the extension, and sources in the case indicated that at the moment the case would go to an oral and public trial due to the lack of agreement between the parties.

The expertise and counter-expertise for the Manantiales accident

From the Prosecutor’s Office they highlighted that They have “several elements” that “prove the theory” of Rocca’s responsibilityboth experts and witnesses of the events.

Robles relied on the Scientific Police reports that assure that Rocca crossed lanesin the testimony of various witnesses and in the positive spirometry result of the person involvedalong with a toxicological report that reports that had consumed various narcotics –His defense responded that the deceased driver of the Ford Ka He also had drugs in his system.

The Road Accidentology Laboratory of the Ministry of the Interior, which Robles supported, concluded that the driver of the Volkswagen Nivus that hit the Ford Ka car and killed two Argentinian women invaded the opposite lane at an “excessive speed”according to a report published in the first days of February 2023.

However, the lawyer Ignacio Duranwho represents Rocca as part of the Donnángelo Durán Sasson Studio, told The Observer in January that they were going to present justice a new expertise carried out by Argentine and American experts that seeks to demonstrate that “It cannot be concluded that the car that invaded is Rocca’s” with data from the official expertise.

“It is impossible due to how the cars turned out and the measurements to conclude so categorically that the car that crossed is Rocca’s”he remarked.

According to the lawyer, the Road Accidentology report It had “many and very striking errors”: “The experts told us that it is proof totally attackable because of how incomplete and unprofessional it is, with little scientific rigor”.

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