Trump celebrates his 78th birthday among “thousands of proud patriots” in Florida

Trump celebrates his 78th birthday among “thousands of proud patriots” in Florida
Trump celebrates his 78th birthday among “thousands of proud patriots” in Florida

Miami (USA), June 14 (EFE).- Former US president and Republican candidate Donald Trump (2017-2021) celebrated his 78th birthday this Friday in Florida at a rally with “thousands of proud patriots,” which he said They are the ones who will help him regain the White House in the November elections.

“There is no other place I would like to be on my birthday,” he said at an event in the city of West Palm Beach.

Trump arrived there from Washington, where on Thursday he went to Congress for the first time since the assault on the building perpetrated by his followers on January 6, 2021, which took place while Democrat Joe Biden’s electoral victory was being certified.

With the help of those present at their celebratory mass bath, as he expressed in Florida, they are going to win that state, they are going to throw “corrupt Joe Biden out of the White House” and they are going to put “America first.”

“It’s the biggest birthday party I’ve had so far,” added the former president, who was grateful that his sister Elizabeth was among the audience.

Trump enters his birthday with an advantage in the polls over Biden. According to the average of polls prepared by the FiveThirtyEight website, he surpasses the current occupant of the White House with a difference of 1.1 percentage points.

He also does so after being found guilty in May in New York of falsifying business records to protect his presidential run in 2016.

“Do not forget that our enemies want to take away my freedom because I will never allow them to take away yours. They want to silence me because I will never allow them to silence you,” he told a dedicated audience.

His speech repeated his usual criticism of the management of the border by the Democratic Administration, promising that under his mandate there will be no more crime in the country or ensuring that he will end “Biden’s war against cryptocurrencies.”

Neither Biden himself nor his electoral campaign missed the opportunity to congratulate Trump: “From one old man to another: age is just a number. These elections, however, are an option,” the president told him in X.

His campaign spokesman, James Singer, was much more aggressive in his message.

“Happy birthday, Donald. You are a criminal, a failure, a fraud, and a threat to our democracy, economy, rights, and future. On behalf of the United States, our early gift for your 79th birthday: make sure you never again be president,” he said in a statement.

His message highlighted “how important” it is for the Republican candidate “to be number one” and recalled that he was “the first presidential candidate to say that there would be a ‘bloodbath’ if he loses this election” or the first former president to be declared guilty in a criminal trial.

Trump’s speech in Florida, meanwhile, was triumphant: “From the first day we take the White House from corrupt Joe Biden, we are going to have the four best years in the history of our country,” he stated with the superlative tone that suited him. characterizes. EFE



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