“I haven’t been able to see my son for more than 10 years.”

Alfredo Solomon She got divorced in 2013 and from there the obstacles to being able to see your child. Given this, In 2017 he founded 1000 balls for youa civil support association for other fathers and mothers who experience similar situations.

This Father’s daybe another year without seeing his son.

I have been separated from my son for more than 10 years. The last time I saw him he was five and a half years old and now he is a teenager. Like all moms and dads who began this separation process, I believed in justice and started a divorce process.

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What happened to me is that justice became the main obstacle to being able to be and live with my son,” he said in an interview with Excelsior.

The name of the organization, indicated on its website, arose from a symbolic protest that was done in the courts of the Judiciary of Mexico Citywith which they placed balls with the names of the children who have not been able to see their parents.

Millet has a dinosaur, the book that became a short film

As part of the fight he has undertaken to see his son, Solomon also wrote the book Millet has a dinosaurin which he talks about parental alienation, which is when one of the parents tries to hinder the children’s ties with the other parent.

This title was turned into a short film and nominatedin 2022, better Animated Short at the Ariel Awards.

In addition, Salomón has promoted campaigns and has attended conferences to talk about the children’s rightswith a view to mapping the situation of parental alienation that is experienced.

Regarding this figure, Juan Martín Pérez García, Coordinator of Weaving Redes Infancia in Latin America and the Caribbean, considers it unconstitutional.

The United Nations has warned that this is a legal strategy that is used to violate the rights of girls and boys (…) It is the obligation of States to guarantee the right to live as a family, regardless of the separation of father, mother or homoparental couples “They have the right to family coexistence with the extended family network.”



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