He posted the first photo on Instagram

He posted the first photo on Instagram
He posted the first photo on Instagram

Yeison Jiménez, one of the most famous singers of the popular genre in Colombia, received important news: his third child was born, but the first boy of his dynasty.

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Through Instagram, the ‘Aventurero’ singer shared a photograph to confirm the news. “I have a ‘cock’. It was born several days ago, but I dedicated myself to enjoying it, not publishing it,” the artist wrote.

In the snapshot, which has been replicated by several Instagram profiles that share celebrity content, the newborn is seen being held by a nurse, while wearing a white rabbit suit.

The followers of Yeison Jiménez and his wife Sonia Restrepo have left them several congratulatory messages. The news was given on June 15, one day before Father’s Day is celebrated in Colombia.

The love story of Yeison Jiménez and Sonia Restrepo

It is worth mentioning that, in February of this year, the singer and his wife revealed that they were expecting their third child, however, this is the first boy of their dynasty.

For the magazine ’15 minutes’, Jiménez and Restrepo said that they met more than 10 years ago at a public event, since then they have been together writing their love story.

The couple already had two daughters: Camila, whom the artist welcomed as his own, and Thaliana. Now, the arrival of the third baby was a surprise and excitement, since he is the first child.

“I had a feeling, 70 percent, that it was a girl because I have always had a lot of affinity with them, but when I realized it was the boy I almost went crazy. I had always dreamed of a boy, because Yeison Jiménez has than having a child! (laughs)”, the singer told the magazine.




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