The Latino who would be announced as Donald Trump’s vice president

The Latino who would be announced as Donald Trump’s vice president
The Latino who would be announced as Donald Trump’s vice president

The presidential elections in the United States will be held on November 5, in which Donald Trump will seek victory to become president again. Although it is unknown who will accompany him in the formula, rumors indicate that he will be a Latino who is close and loyal to the Republican.

The son of Latinos who came to the country from Cuba, Marco Rubio, would be the one chosen to accompany the presidential formula to the former president, as revealed ABC. Facing Trump for the presidency of the Republican Party eight years ago, today he is his staunchest defender against criticism Democrats and the legal conflicts facing the presidential candidate.

Rubio is 53 years old and one of the youngest candidates on Trump’s list. He served as West Miami City Commissioner and went speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. In 2010, was elected as senator of the nation. In 2016, he was a presidential candidate and sought the presidency of the Republican Party on several occasions.

In dialogue with News Channel 8, Republican strategist Justin Sayfie assured that He is the candidate that Joe Biden’s side fears most, due to his Latin ancestry. “Of all the people President Trump could choose as a running mate, I think the Biden campaign probably wouldn’t want to see Marco Rubio on the ticket,” Sayfie said.

With extensive parliamentary work, he is positioned as the main candidate to accompany Trump

Rubio could be chosen as Donald Trump’s vice president to capture the Latino vote

Several reports have highlighted that Rubio’s parliamentary work is outstanding and has a great reputation. Thus, He would be a great running mate for Trump. Furthermore, the specialists pointed out that could be “enormously useful for the Hispanic vote”which could tip the electoral balance.

About 8,500,000 Latinos and Hispanics are eligible to vote in the next election. For this reason, specialists point out that they will be key for Trump to achieve a victory, especially in the most disputed territories such as Arizona and Nevada.

Even Rubio, nor anyone around him, spoke about it, according to News Channel 8. On the other hand, the rumor has been growing since March, according to NBC. Even though the senator said that no one had talked to him about this possibility, but He assured that he would feel honored if he received the offer.

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