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NASA discovered the remains of the Chinese spacecraft Chang’e 6, on the far side of the Moon, thanks to images captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) probe. At the beginning of June, China had landed Chang’e 6 in the Apollo crater, in the South Pole-Aitken basin, with the mission of collecting samples and bringing them back to Earth.

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A few days ago, NASA took a look at the far side of the Moon and in its images found remains of the Chinese spacecraft Chang’e 6which landed for the first time on June 2 to collect samples from the side of the satellite that we cannot see.

The photos were taken by the probe Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) of the American space agency, which orbits the Moon to collect information about its surface.

What NASA saw in question was the abandoned lander of the Chang’e 6 mission, since the LRO passed through the area a week after the moon landing, and by then, the spacecraft had already taken off to return to Earth.

The camera was also able to capture that the module It is located on the edge of an already eroded crater, which covers about 50 meters diameter.

Likewise, the space agency shared a before and after animation of the terrain. There you can see how the lunar dust was disturbed due to the ship’s thrusters at the time of landing.


Let us remember that, at the beginning of June, China achieved a feat in space matters by getting the Chang’e-6 spacecraft to land on the moon in the Apollo craterwithin the South Pole-Aitken basin.

The purpose of the mission was to collect samples from the hidden side of the Moon, which is actually not so mysterious.

In fact, It is nothing more than its other side, which cannot be seen from Earth due to the phenomenon of “synchronous rotation.”. This means that the satellite takes the same time to rotate on its own axis as it does around the Earth, which allows us to see only one of its sides.

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