Yellow Day 2024: when is it and why is it considered the happiest day of the year? | happy yellow day | MX | atmp | lr data

Yellow Day 2024: when is it and why is it considered the happiest day of the year? | happy yellow day | MX | atmp | lr data
Yellow Day 2024: when is it and why is it considered the happiest day of the year? | happy yellow day | MX | atmp | lr data

Yellow Day is considered the happiest day of the year. Photo: Freepik

In a few days, Yellow Day will begin, a holiday that has gained popularity around the world and is known as the happiest day of the year. Over time, this date has been positioned in contrast to Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year that has been celebrated since 2005, every third Monday of the month of January.

He Yellow Day It is not only an interesting cultural phenomenon, but also an opportunity to reflect on the importance of happiness in our lives. With factors such as pleasant weather, upcoming holidays and more hours of sunlight, this day appears to be the happiest of the year. Below, learn more about Yellow Day, when it is celebrated and how you can share this happiness with inspiring phrases.

When is Yellow Day 2024?

Next Thursday, June 20, the Yellow Day. This date, which marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, is recognized by various psychology experts as the happiest day of the year. The June 20 election is no coincidence; It is based on an analysis of several factors that influence people’s mood.

This day was called Yellow Day, contrasting with Blue Monday. While the blue of Blue Monday is related to sadness, the yellow symbolizes happiness and positivity, as well as marking the beginning of the sunny days of summer.

Therefore, the weather at this time is one of the most notable aspects. With the arrival of this season, temperatures are warmer and more pleasant, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities. Additionally, increased hours of sunlight have a positive impact on the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter associated with happiness. Finally, the proximity of summer vacation adds an element of anticipation and excitement that contributes to overall well-being.

In the United States, Yellow Day is especially significant, as it coincides with a time when many people begin planning their vacations. This reinforces the perception of this day as one of the happiest of the year, given that rest and free time are crucial factors for emotional well-being.

Yellow Day 2024: why is it celebrated on June 20?

The celebration of Yellow Day It is based on several reasons that, combined, create an ideal environment for happiness. This day is strategically placed near the summer solstice, when the hours of sunlight reach their peak. This abundance of natural light not only improves mood, but also increases energy levels and reduces fatigue.

In that sense, the origin of this date dates back to 2006. In that year, psychologist Cliff Arnall, from Cardiff University, developed a formula (O+(NxS)+CPM/T+He), which combines factors such as the time of year when people enjoy more time outdoors, hours spent outdoors, interaction with nature, temperature, and proximity to the holidays. This equation translates into the following:

  • Or: outside, which means being outdoors and enjoying outside activities
  • N: nature and the connection we have with this element
  • S: socializing with friends and family
  • CPM: children positive memories or positive childhood memories
  • T: warm temperature.
  • He: holidays or vacations.

According to Arnall, the third Monday in January, known as Blue Monday, is the saddest day due to returning to work, lack of vacation and less time outdoors. In contrast, Yellow Day is celebrated with pleasant temperatures, more time in nature and the proximity of summer vacations, thus promoting happiness. Although this theory has been criticized for its lack of scientific rigor, it has inspired celebrations and marketing campaigns around these dates.

How is Yellow Day celebrated?

During this day, people usually wear yellow to increase joy and fully enjoy themselves. In addition, they usually carry out activities that enhance happiness, such as spending time outdoors, taking relaxing baths, maintaining a healthy diet, meeting with friends or family, and performing altruistic acts, among others.

Phrases to share on Yellow Day 2024

Yellow Day 2024 is an excellent opportunity to spread positivity and joy. Sharing inspiring phrases can be an effective way to celebrate this day and spread the optimistic spirit it represents. Here are some phrases you can use to commemorate the happiest day of the year:

  1. “On Yellow Day, yellow becomes the color of happiness and positivity.”
  2. “May the sun always shine in your life, not only on Yellow Day, but every day of the year.”
  3. “Happiness is not a season you arrive at, but a way of traveling. Happy Yellow Day!”
  4. “Yellow Day teaches us to find beauty in the small things and appreciate the luminosity that surrounds us.
  5. “Today is the happiest day of the year. Enjoy every moment and share it with those you love.”
  6. “May this Yellow Day fill you with light, joy and many reasons to smile.”
  7. “The sun is at its highest point, and so is your happiness. Celebrate this Yellow Day to the fullest!”
  8. “Happy Yellow Day! It is time to let our inner self shine and share our light with the world.”

These phrases can not only serve as messages to share on social networks, but also as personal reminders of the importance of seeking and cultivating happiness in daily life. Yellow Day is an invitation to value the small moments and enjoy the company of loved ones in an atmosphere full of optimism.

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