LP gas price drops in the center of the country

LP gas price drops in the center of the country
LP gas price drops in the center of the country

The federal government published the maximum LP gas prices for week 24 of 2024.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) announced the prices applicable to Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas for the week of June 16 to 22, 2024 for the 201 regions into which it divided the country. which experienced a decrease compared to the previous week.

The prices reflect the new methodology applied by the regulator to limit the prices of LP gas to the general public throughout the national territory, undertaken since 2021.

He agreement number A/024/2021 of the energy regulator which establishes the regulation of maximum prices for liquefied petroleum gas sold to the end user, in compliance with the Emergency Directive for the well-being of the consumer of liquefied petroleum gas, issued by the Ministry of Energy, with the purpose of protecting the interests of end users.

The maximum energy price in Mexico City for this week will be 9.61 pesos per liter and 17.79 pesos per kilo, cheaper than last week.

The most expensive price for energy is located in the municipalities of Loreto and Mulege in Baja California, where the maximum price reaches 23.14 pesos per kilo.

According to the list of maximum prices published by the CRE, in Mexico City the price drops from 17.82 to 17.79 pesos per kilogram with VAT.

Also in Tijuana, the price remains at 18.71 pesos per kilogram.

In Guadalajara the price drops from 18.20 to 18.17 pesos per kilogram already with VAT included.

While in Puebla the price also drops from 17.91 to 17.87 pesos per kilogram with VAT.

LP gas was the fuel that increased the most in price in January of this year with an increase of 2.4%, putting pressure on inflation, according to INEGI data.

This is the most significant increase that gas has recorded since October 2023, when its price increased by 3.4%.

However, fuel prices began to decline in mid-February.

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