We celebrate 20 years of our training program

We celebrate 20 years of our training program
We celebrate 20 years of our training program

235 courses, more than 11,000 people from 15 countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Two decades training people to contribute to the construction of a just, feminist, peaceful and sustainable world. The Coordinadora training program celebrates two decades in which knowledge from here and there has been woven, we have enjoyed opening paths towards other approaches and proposals, concepts have been questioned… A collective work in the defense of global justice, peace, the defense of human rights, equality between men and women, respect for the environment. A trajectory in which the sector has also looked inward in order to guarantee continuous training to guarantee efficient, responsible, transparent work that is up to today’s enormous global challenges.

The event, led by the journalist Moha Gerehouwill gather in a dialogue about «Knowledge for peace in times of war» to reference people in the defense of human rights:

  • Siham Jessica Korrichepolitical scientist and human rights activist
  • Ares Perceval Campsdirector of the International University of Pau
  • Oriol Erausquin Navarromember of the encampment for Palestine in Madrid
  • Andrea AldanaColombian journalist, specialized in armed conflicts and human rights

Surprises, humor and toasts

In addition to the dialogue, the event will offer some surprises and moments to look at the path traveled and evaluate everything achieved. The comedian, Asaari Bibang He will accompany the event with his monologue “Black Humor.” And it will end by toasting 20 years and what lies ahead.

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