High intensity match concludes with Los Andes beating Cañuelas 3-2

High intensity match concludes with Los Andes beating Cañuelas 3-2
High intensity match concludes with Los Andes beating Cañuelas 3-2

Mil Rayitas achieved an agonizing victory over Cañuelas by 3 to 2, in an emotional match played for the 21st date of the Argentina tournament – Primera B Season Championship 2024. Those led by Fernando Ruiz reacted in time to reverse an adverse result and celebrate at the end of the match with the goals of Federico Martínez (11′ 2T, penalty), Ezequiel Gallegos (20′ 2T) and Manuel Brondo (31′ 2T). Cañuelas had the lead on the scoreboard for a while thanks to Thiago Hirigoyen (13′ 1T) and Ulises Ojeda (45′ 1T).

Manuel Brondo was the figure of the match. The Los Andes forward scored 1 goal.

Another important player in the match was Ezequiel Gallegos. The Los Andes midfielder was the author of 1 goal.

The match had several reprimands: Nicolas Frias, Leonardo López, Manuel Brondo and Nazareno Fernández Colombo.

The technical director of Los Andes, Fernando Ruiz, proposed a 4-4-2 strategy with Sebastián López in goal; Guido Segalerba, Héctor Igarzabal, Robertino Canavesio and Nazareno Fernández Colombo on the defensive line; Franco Rodríguez, Leonardo López, Ezequiel Gallegos and Axel Páez in the middle; and Manuel Brondo and Gabriel Carrasco in the attack.

For their part, those led by Germán Sassone stood with a 4-4-2 formation with Augusto Bottini between the three sticks; Nicolas Frias, Gonzalo Zabala, Bruno Dordoni and Emiliano Arrieta in defense; Aarón Barquett, Lucas Giménez, Walter Naranjo and Ulises Ojeda in midfield; and Bruno Guelfi and Thiago Hirigoyen up front.

Referee Yamil Possi was selected to carry out the actions of the game.

Changes in the Andes
  • 40′ 1T – Guido Segalerba Viglino came out for Federico Nicolás Martínez
  • 45′ 2T – Axel Martín Páez left for Matías Leonel González
  • 61′ 2T – Leonardo Javier López left for Lautaro Torres
  • 83′ 2T – Ezequiel Adrián Gallegos left for Taiel Arancibia
Changes in Cañuelas
  • 41′ 1T – Walter Naranjo left for Bautista Hernández
  • 71′ 2T – Emiliano Arrieta left for Matias Juarez and Thiago Hirigoyen for Nahuel Ríos
  • 80′ 2T – Lucas Giménez came out for Bruno Báez Panero

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