Marina Calabró spoke about the uncomfortable moment she experienced, after dedicating her Martín Fierro to Rolando Barbano

Marina Calabró spoke about the uncomfortable moment she experienced, after dedicating her Martín Fierro to Rolando Barbano
Marina Calabró spoke about the uncomfortable moment she experienced, after dedicating her Martín Fierro to Rolando Barbano


During the screening of LN+ programs by María Laura Santillán, +News, and Débora Plager and Marina Calabro, +Info in the afternoon, A new chapter was added to “the novel” which yesterday starred the political scientist and the police journalist, Rolando Barbano. Santillán congratulated Calabro by Martín Fierro to the Radio as Best Entertainment Columnist and she took advantage of the occasion to make some clarifications on air.

After receiving congratulations from Santillán, who highlighted the great work of the journalist on the radio and highlighted her solidarity by mentioning in her thank-you speech the rest of the nominees in that category, Calabró responded: “I did not expect. I thought Marcela took it [Tauro]. I think that made the emotion double and that some feelings will emerge, that perhaps should have remained private. But, well, one cannot go through life stabbing myself with daggers, I have already stabbed myself too many.”

The pass between María Laura Santillán and Marina CalaRÁ, after the delivery of the Martín Fierro Radio 2024 awardsCapture

In this way, the panelist did an attempt to justify his words, with dedication included to Barbano, who later, upon winning his own Martín Fierro, did not mention her in his acceptance speech, which generated a moment of tension and confusion. “You have nothing to explain,” Santillán insisted.. However, Barbano’s silence after Calabró’s declaration of love caused a great media stir, especially on social networks.

Meanwhile, Plager added: “Enough Marina. Enjoy your prize, you are deserving [del premio] as Best Entertainment Columnist.” “Give yourself a gift; you deserve it; give yourself that pleasure. We just wanted to congratulate you on the award,” Santillán closed the topic, also clarifying why they were not going to show the video of the moment when Calabró took the stage at the Ocre hall in La Rural.

During the presentation of the Martín Fierro Radio Awards 2022 and 2023 that América broadcast last night, Calabro he dedicated his statuette to Barbanohis partner and companion Wool without filter (Mitre): “I want to share it and dedicate it to my love. Yes, to you Rolando. To you”. She seemed in love with her and her colleagues, attentive to the situation, applauded with emotion. When it was Barbano’s turn, who was also the winner: he did not mention her. It was an awkward moment that did not go unnoticed: the snub went viral.

The best memes from the back and forth between Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano

Calabró and Barbano met while working in Wool without filter, the Miter radio program hosted by Jorge Lanata and in which she is a columnist for Espectáculos and he is a columnist for Policiales. The good vibes between them existed from the first day and over time their colleagues began to notice that something else was happening.

They started dating in October 2023, but whitewashed their relationship a few months later. Mirtha Legrand herself asked Barbano if the rumors were true and he, at that moment, tried to avoid giving a concrete answer. But some time later, after media pressure, the relationship was confirmed.

Calabró said that they had their first kiss on October 29, 2023 and that the relationship was going so well that they had even decided to get a tattoo together, something that ultimately did not happen. After six months of the romance being made public, news of the separation and different versions of what had happened arrived. At that moment, both called each other – in their own way – to silence and did not give too many explanations about the end of love.

Rolando Barbano and Marina Calabró share the Lanata without filter program every morning

But, as a result of what was seen yesterday, it became public that Calabro and Barbano had given themselves a new opportunity, although they had not whitewashed the reconciliation to the press. As LA NACIÓN learned, this second round occurred a few weeks ago, where both men smoothed out rough edges and trusted their feelings again. We will have to wait now to see what happens between them, how the relationship continues, and if a declaration of love can put an end to love.


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