They denounce Enel’s abuse against Soacha users

As a Enel attack against Soacha users The attention in the municipal service center is qualified.

The lines are endless and officials to attend to very few. “I arrived at 8:30 am, it’s 1:15 pm and I barely entered, but I don’t know how long it will take me here because there are a lot of people and only four people serve,” said an energy user.

The lines, delays and lack of attention They became a constant in the Soacha service centerwith the aggravating factor that Enel does not take action on the matter because it is a problem that has been going on for more than a year and has not been solved.

“Every month is the same, it is a vicious circle that repeats and repeats, and nobody does anything. Public Services of the municipality does not pressure the company to provide good service, to hire more officials to solve so many complaints. What Enel Codensa does to us is an abuse and an outrage,” said one user.

And it is that the claims They are quite a few. From exaggerated charges on invoices, incorrect readings and collection of insurance that clients have not requested, among others, are the reason for complaints.

“He problem is basically divided into twoFirstly, there is an exaggerated delay in attention; one can easily spend a day here to be attended to; There are few officials and they are very negligent. And the other is the delay in response. We are screwed from top to bottom,” said Ivonne Rodríguez, a resident of commune six.

Once again, Enel’s attention is called to send more officials to respond quickly, kindly and efficiently, and to the Soacha Mayor’s Office to put pressure on the company and Do not allow this abuse that is repeated over and over again.

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