Burger King launches the most tempting Nuggets yet

Burger King launches the most tempting Nuggets yet
Burger King launches the most tempting Nuggets yet

The new product is characterized by having 100% chicken breast and maintaining the quality of the raw materials, but with an even crispier texture on the outside and juicier on the inside.

Burger King launches its new King Nuggets 100% chicken breast, crispier and juicier, “so good that they will want to steal them.” A recipe that will allow nugget fans to enjoy an experience that appeals to all five senses and in which flavor and textures play a key role: from the juiciness of the chicken to the crunch of the batter.

The new King Nuggets maintain the high quality of the raw materials and, of course, follow the company’s maxim of not using artificial colors, preservatives or aromas. But consumers will perceive a greater juiciness in the chicken, in addition to a change in the flavor and texture of the batter, now more crunchy, thanks to the fact that it becomes breadcrumbs instead of tempura, a combination that manages to enhance the flavor of the recipe.

“Our commitment to innovation is not only focused on offering new products, but also on improving those that are already among our customers’ favorites, such as King Nuggets,” reflects Inés Arnal, marketing director of Burger King. Spain. “We want your experience to be exceptional and the constant search for improvement has already resulted this year in the relaunch of the Whopper at the end of April and, recently, of our dessert offering, with a great reception. We are sure that this new recipe will conquer nugget fans as well,” she continues.

The new King Nuggets are now available in all the chain’s restaurants nationwide and in the brand’s different distribution channels.

The campaign will have a television spot that will air starting June 18. Signed by the creative agency DAVID, the piece appeals to those everyday moments in which, when something is too good, we resort to tricks to get a little more.

The new King Nuggets “are so good, they’ll want to steal them.” So, nugget fans, stay alert: when your friends, family or coworkers see you enjoying it, it will be inevitable that they will use “the usual tricks” to get their hands on some! Viewers will be able to see this new Burger King proposal in digital version and on their televisions, in two pieces of 10 and 15 seconds.

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