Win or Serve?: What the arrival of Facundo González left behind

Win or Serve?: What the arrival of Facundo González left behind
Win or Serve?: What the arrival of Facundo González left behind

The Argentine generated controversy upon his arrival at the Channel 13 reality show house.

Facundo Gonzalez was the main protagonist of this Sunday’s episode of Win or Serve?in which we were able to see his long-awaited entry into the house.

His arrival did not go unnoticed, since from the start he starred a discussion with Luis Mateuccidue to the friendship he has with Fabio Agostini.

“There are people here that I don’t know, other people that I do, people that I admire, people who have behaved badly with my friends, people that I don’t respect, that I don’t value, that I don’t care about, and people I want to meet. I come to give them a little action because I see them a little stagnant,” said González, by way of presentation.

When Mateucci complained about his bad vibes, González assured him: “What a pity that you are Argentine, because I like Argentinians, but I don’t like you.“.

Match with Oriana

The arrival of Facundo González to Win or Serve? generated several reactions and one of them was Oriana Marzoliwho did not hide his interest in his new partner.

How can I not like it? Of course, of course yes. And I just got involved with the other one (Rai), I’m going to have to do something,” the Spanish lamented. Meanwhile, Facundo also immediately showed his interest in Oriana. “She makes me sick, the skinny one“, held.

Another controversy arose when Pangal asked Luis for a glass of water for the new participant, but Daniela, considering it disrespectful, told the athlete not to humiliate Mateucci just for being a servant. “We still don’t know if he is a master or a servant. And if it’s a gentleman, I don’t care, let him go get the glass of water. They are all Pamela’s stocking suckers“claimed the Argentine.

Despite Luis’s words, Oriana quickly described him as “handsome.” “One adapts to what there is, and within what there is, I hold you in high regard because you are the one who is the best, but This man entered the podium with you and Raimundo”Marzoli assured Mateucci.

Once Karla Constant entered the house, Oriana confessed that Facundo attracted him a lot and that Raimundo is too small for her.

“He is the only one who has made me turn to see him. I like the face. On the other hand, Rai is very small for me, that’s what hasn’t made me match,” she expressed to the host.

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