What is the Electricity Subsidy and how to apply for the benefit?

Check which communes will have an automatic discount and which people must apply.

By Nelson Martinez

06/24/2024 – 10:22am CLT

06/24/2024 – 10:22am CLT


Faced with the imminent hikes that have been estimated in the electricity supply accounts since July, the Government reported the new Electricity Subsidy as a measure.

This benefit It will not operate as a bonus, but as an automatic discount on electricity bills of people. In this RedNews note you can review examples of these discounted rates.

The Applications will open on July 1 and will end on the 14th of that month. It will be provided for one semester in monthly or bimonthly installments, depending on the beneficiary and their billing method.

If you obtain the subsidy in the first call, the discount will be in a single installment in October 2024. This will correspond to the months of July August September OctoberNovember and dicember.

Who can access the Electricity Subsidy?

The requirements to access the Electricity Subsidy are to be up to date with your electricity supply account in affiliated companies and, a fundamental requirement, to be in thehe 40% most vulnerable of the Social Household Registry.

They will have priority To obtain the benefit these groups:

  • Persons subject to careful.
    • With disability or functional dependence.
  • Boys, girls and adolescents under 18 years old.
  • People caregivers.
  • Older adults.

Everyone must meet the requirement of being within the most vulnerable 40% of the RSH.

Where can I apply and what steps should I follow?

Starting July 1, you can apply for the Electricity Subsidy on the official portal and following these steps:

  • Enter the application with Unique Key.
  • Add the region and commune of the beneficiary.
  • Write to what eelectrical supply company you are attached.
  • put your identification number of client, which is indicated on the ticket.
  • Finally, enter your email contact.

Besides. The Government reported that the communes of Tocopilla, Mejillones, Huasco, Quintero, Puchuncaví and Coronel They will have an automatic 30% discount on electricity supply bills.

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