“YPF is not guaranteeing the amount of gas it usually delivers” | Sur54.com

“YPF is not guaranteeing the amount of gas it usually delivers” | Sur54.com
“YPF is not guaranteeing the amount of gas it usually delivers” | Sur54.com

Castillo stated that “Society asks us to have a schedule of cuts. Not everything that was announced was done at that time. The load is analyzed and, if we need to generate less energy, we disconnect sectors. But the truth is that we have a complication that does not exceed.”

And remembered that “When we had the problem with the Rolls-Royce we said it was an equipment problem. Now we have turbines disconnected, because we do not have the gas pressure that the generation park needs.”

In addition, he explained that “there are many actors who seek to guarantee that we have the gas pressure we need. One situation is what is signed and another is what we normally receive.”

“Camuzzi’s operations manager offered us to do a review at the plant. A team from Río Grande came and we went around to see if we could find alternatives. So far there is none. The gas pressure in the gas pipeline is lower,” he said.

Regarding the lack of supply from YPF, Castillo criticized that “it has not been done for several days. They claim that they have technical and freezing complications. A kind of ice is made. I don’t know if the only culprit is the cold, because Total solved it. Beyond the fact that they are required to put in the personnel and solve the problem. A week ago they brought in 500 thousand cubic meters and today they deliver 120.”

“Neither Roch nor YPF are in a normal regime. Total is a portion that comes to the Fuegian gas pipeline and the rest to General San Martín. There is a red alert in southern Patagonia. We have a cold wave throughout Argentina. “That leads to great consumption,” he said.

At the same time, he commented that “Camuzzi states that demand for home consumption has not decreased. There is great consumption in Río Grande prior to entering Ushuaia. The temperature is very low in the northern area. Yesterday, household gas consumption did not decrease, although it was a little better.”

And he indicated that “when the temperature improves, there is less electrical consumption. The issue is that today we cannot guarantee all home consumption, first; Then comes the industry, who we are also resenting.”

The Minister insisted that “At this moment, even though we publish a schedule of cuts, we are in the minute by minute in which the planned area will only be cut if the income in the generation park decreases.”. We have not cut everything we have announced, but we share the full plan for the day.”

Regarding the situation in the northern zone, Castillo said: “We have asked those of the Electric Cooperative to improve their situation to spend less on electricity generation. There is great consumption, a product of home consumption.”

Also “We discussed with Camuzzi the need to build a bridge that connects the two gas pipelines in San Sebastián, to improve the pressure conditions at the head of the Fuegian gas pipeline. We have to see if it will be done next summer, so that winter 2025 does not occur under these conditions.”

On the other hand, it was consulted about the cuts in the drinking water service and clarified that they are “generating drinking water, the problem is that we have a higher expense. Then the cistern levels are lowered. Today there will be a smaller cut in the west area of ​​the city. “It’s what we need.”

Finally, he clarified that “the amount of water is entering. There is a lot of work by the DPOSS people resolving breakages and losses, so that the resource is not wasted. “They worked four days of the weekend, with different fronts in parallel.”

“We did not stop having income, because they broke ice to guarantee that the little water that arrives enters the generation park. This means that the cistern level does not drop as much. DPOSS always raises the need to have insulated tanks and pipes”, ended.

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