Gilberto Santa Rosa sends an emotional message of gratitude to his imitator in Yo Me Llamo

Gilberto Santa Rosa sends an emotional message of gratitude to his imitator in Yo Me Llamo
Gilberto Santa Rosa sends an emotional message of gratitude to his imitator in Yo Me Llamo

The experience of being part of Yo Me Llamo changes the lives of each of the participants who pass through the Temple of Imitation, which is why during the development of the musical contest there are several surprises for the doubleswho manage to win the hearts of Colombians with their presentations, as the representative of Gilberto Santa Rosa in this edition.

At the same time, some of them have the opportunity to have an approach with your favorite artistseither directly, through a screen or through their families, as has happened in past seasons, since they also become their fans after seeing them on stage and admire the way they represent them.
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That is why in this case My Name is Gilberto Santa Rosa is the one who gets the surprise by the Temple of Imitation upon receiving a video sent by the original singer, who thanks him for what he has done throughout his time in the competition.

“I send a very affectionate greeting to this participant, I thank you for the honor you do me and my wish is that you have many successes on this journey of Yo Me Llamo”, are the first words of the Puerto Rican singer, who reflects great happiness at being able to give this message twice.
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“Do it with your heart, with conviction, make me look good in front of a people that I love very much as is the Colombian”ends ‘El Caballero de la Salsa’, who causes both the public and the juries to be filled with euphoria over what happened and do not hesitate to applaud.
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Given this, My name is Gilberto Santa Rosa can’t help but cry and demonstrate how emotional this makes him, since it is not every day that the artist you admire the most thanks you for being his double. In turn, this is a sign that his work has been planned on the right path and that he is performing in the way the jury expects.

“For an artist like us, may the original have the greatness to look at the work of this humble imitator It is simply the most dreamed achievement. What we do here is with great love and respect for the character we represent. “We don’t pretend to be like them, but we do want to give the public that illusion that they are seeing that titan that you see on stage,” this participant responds with a lump in his throat.

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