Entrevías Season 3: ending explained | Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Ending Explained | FAME

Entrevías Season 3: ending explained | Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Ending Explained | FAME
Entrevías Season 3: ending explained | Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Ending Explained | FAME

The entire third season of “Between the ways” already is available on Netflix from Friday, January 23, so you can enjoy the exciting chapters, loaded with a lot of action and adrenaline and, why not, even drama.

This part of the Spanish Telecinco series follows the line of everything that happened previously, so you see many of the characters’ usual messes, triggering an ending that many regret.

It’s time to put a SPOILER ALERT At this point in the note, I recommend that you do not continue reading this article if you hate knowing what happens in productions before you see them. And now we will detail everything about what happened in the finale.


Tirso made the decision to hand over his weapons for not having prevented Tente’s murder, so he had no better idea than to give them to Commissioner Romero, without knowing that he had a dark intention with them and that thanks to that a sad end would happen.

He offered half of all the weapons to Dulce in exchange for executing Ezequiel, but Tirso, thanks to his granddaughter, learned of the commissioner’s wickedness, so he followed him and saw how he delivered the weapons. Ezequiel also saw everything and documented it to deliver to Amanda.

Romero realized the presence of Tirzo and Ezequiel and had the option of killing them both with his own hands, but just in time the members of the Police arrived to arrest him and put him in prison, although that would not be the last time that was known. of the.

The scenes moved to Amanda and Jimena’s wedding, but Romero, from the police station, did his best to be present at the wedding with the intention of murdering Ezequiel. This is how he escapes by murdering his superior and his bodyguard.

Upon arriving at the wedding, Romero shot at Ezequiel, but Amanda was able to get in the way and received the bullet, leaving her badly injured, although luckily without major consequences. Her life was not in danger.

When trying to flee, Romero took Irene with him, threatening to shoot her if they did not let him escape. Tirso followed him and offered to make a change, leaving his granddaughter free and offering herself.

The commissioner accepted and shot Tirso, but Irene stood in front of her grandfather to save his life. Unfortunately, she received three bullets in the abdomen and faints..

Tirso, on the floor, regrets that his granddaughter was shot three times to save him (Photo: Mediaset)


First, we must remember that the Spanish series has been confirmed for a fourth season, so there we must be presented with more details of what happened after the scene of Tirso hugging Irene’s body, since in the last chapter, available on Netflix, it is no longer seen.

The easiest thing would be for Irene to die after those shots in the abdomen, taking into account that there were three of them and that several very important organs for the human body are housed there. However, she is seen fading away, but it is not confirmed if she passes away.

On the other hand, there are theories that claim that the character has not died and that she would be alive after the medical intervention – and also divine due to the severity of the wounds.

In addition, the actress who gives life to that character, Nono Sobo, a while ago shared on social networks some images from the filming of the fourth season of the Telecinco production.

That is why now we must see if the character survives or perhaps appears in the form of memories for Tirso and some of the other members of “Entrevías”.

We must not leave aside what will happen to the shooter, Romero, who is now a fugitive from justice for his multiple crimes, so we could see a future manhunt to catch him.

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