Darío Lopilato told what his face to face with Furia was like before Big Brother

Darío Lopilato told what his face to face with Furia was like before Big Brother
Darío Lopilato told what his face to face with Furia was like before Big Brother

Furia’s fun participation in Darío Lopilato’s program

Lopilato’s anecdote not only revealed Furia’s charm and ease, but also her determination in finding a partner during the dating show. Although it seemed like she might have found a loving bond, in the end that was not the case. “It seemed like she was going to get together but in the end, no. But it was very nice because they were choosing couples, from what you were hearing, the personal stories, I think she didn’t choose him,” the actor commented on the outcome of the story.

“The program was that suddenly if you reached the final and you were chosen with a couple, you made a match, they had to kiss for 30 seconds and you got a bag of money,” he added.

This story took viewers by surprise, especially Vicky Xipolitakis, who was interested in knowing more about the pre-fame version of Fury. However, the image described by Lopilato seems to be consistent with the personality that Scaglione has shown on Big Brother, where his directness and spontaneity have been prominent characteristics.

How is Fury’s health?

Meanwhile, the participant continues in the program while worrying about her health. In the confessional Juliana “Furia” confirmed that she has leukemia and spoke with Santiago del Moro about her illness. At the same time, the participant brought peace of mind to the fans. “My immune system dropped. I understand that it is at a level where there is no need to be scared,” confided the most beloved player in the Big Brother house.

Del Moro chatted with the Big Brother players and read the medical certificate provided by the clinic that authorizes the player to continue in competition. “There is a record of having assisted Juliana in order to deliver the results of her medical studies. It is explained to her that at the moment she does not require specific treatment, but she does require monthly follow-up,” read the driver of the cycle before the attentive gaze of the little brothers “She can lead a normal life and she should consult if she has changes,” concluded the qualified doctor.

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