‘Jinx’, special chapter SUMMARY: Did Heeseung and Papita spend a wild night together? | Asian culture

‘Jinx’, special chapter SUMMARY: Did Heeseung and Papita spend a wild night together? | Asian culture
‘Jinx’, special chapter SUMMARY: Did Heeseung and Papita spend a wild night together? | Asian culture

‘Jinx’ ended its first season with 53 episodes. Photo: Lezhin/Mingwa composition

‘Jinx’, the BL manhwa, concluded a season full of exciting moments. Although author Mingwa decided to take a break before releasing the second part of the comic, many readers were satisfied with the release of the special episode that the Korean writer presented through Lezhin. In this chapter, what happened between Heeseung and ‘Papita’ is revealed.

The chapter that premiered is the continuation of episode 35 of the uncensored manhwa. In this note we tell you all the details about how the exciting meeting between Heeseung and ‘Papita’after they got drunk.

What happened to Heeseung and ‘Papita’ in the special episode?

Daddy’ He wakes up confused by what happened the night before, but when he notices Heeseung at his side, she is even more surprised when she remembers the passionate events that took place when she accepted the actor’s proposal to continue drinking in his apartment.

The memories of’ Daddy‘He is transported back to the night before, when he was enjoying a few drinks with his friends and suddenly appears Heeseungvisibly distraught over his unrequited love, as he had had an unfortunate experience confessing his feelings to Kim Danwho made it clear that it did not correspond to him.

Yoon Gu’s nickname is ‘Daddy’. Photo: Lezhin/Mingwa

Surprised by ‘Papita’s’ speech about unrequited love, Heeseung suggests they go to his apartment, without suspecting that they would spend a night of unbridled passion together.. Before that meeting, ‘Papita’ had revealed to him that she was a virgin; However, the actor assured her that she trusted him. Thus they indulged in an intense and passionate encounter.

How did the story between Heeseung and ‘Papita’ end?

Before ‘Daddy‘ Will leave, Heesueng He prepared breakfast for him and while he was cooking, he remembered the moments he shared with the young athlete, whom he considers “tender.” However, in this event, ‘Papita’ apologizes, embarrassed for what happened the night before. The actor was surprised by the words of the boy, who is beginning to feel something more than just a passing taste and plans to have fun with him.

How will the story of Heeseung and ‘Papita’ continue?

The relationship of Heeseung and ‘Papita‘ It started too quickly after sharing a few drinks. However, what for the actor would simply be a passing adventure becomes something more pleasant. Fascinated by the young athlete’s innocence, Jaekyung’s friend suggests meeting more often, but Jaekyung’s feelings are not genuine, as he plans to use him as a sexual object until he gets tired of him.

‘Papita’, 20, apologizes to Heeseung. Photo: Lezhin/Mingwa

Where to read the special chapter of ‘Jinx’?

Lezhin It is the official platform that publishes the full episodes of the manhwa BL. Spanish-speaking fans have the opportunity to once again immerse themselves in the exciting adventures of their favorite characters. The episodes are available in three languages: Korean, English and Spanish. To access this and other content, a subscription is required, which you must pay with digital currencies.

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