Fury, at his worst in Big Brother: who does he want to take to trial

Since Coty Romero entered the house of Big Brother Through the Golden Ticket and having a new opportunity within the reality show -although in a different edition-, the Corrientes became one of the most important objectives to be eliminated by Juliana ‘Furia’ Scaglionethe great strategist of this season.

That is why, after two positive plates in which it was almost impossible for him to leave since he has a fandom already armed with millions of followers, Coty Romero was eliminated from Big Brother in a very spicy attack against Emma Vich. All this, obviously, as a result of her enmity with Rage.

Declared enemies from the first moment, the stuntwoman generated a strong rivalry against the influencer that, despite having ended a few days ago, also left great consequences within the house. And it recently became evident.

All this brings us to the last hours, in which Rage analyzed the possibility of denouncing Coty Romero for some supposed sayings. The controversial reality show participant expressed that the Corrientes tried to defame her, and she could go to INADI if she wanted.

“The mine went straight to you and also wanted to make you look bad as a man, I realized I’m not stupid, like they did to Alfa”, explained the coach in a talk she had with Darío. The man admitted this situation and said he had realized the intentions that the Corrientes had at that time.

“It’s just that he attacked me directly…”Dario responded, to which the strategist responded: “That’s what the mine came for, to make people fight or disconnect them. We all love Darío, as soon as he arrived he went to you… and he had stupid comments”.

Coty and Fury never managed to get along on Big Brother.

“It still doesn’t make me look bad as a man… what happened is that I didn’t give her the place. She was always the one who approached me, I never excepted for a battery change. And what I did was not make her “Say that we bullied you, that was what you argued.”the native of La Plata continued adding.

So Rage Shooting: “Do you know that I can file a complaint with the INADI with everything she said about me? She doesn’t know who she messed with.”. “I leave here and five document letters for each one”he added while laughing as a joke.

Furia and Coty had a fierce feud within the house.

“They talk about it because they don’t know about the law, they’re crazy. She can’t make those accusations and I told her: ‘You’re defaming me.’ So… you got away with it, Darío, because that girl got to you make it look like this and your wife wouldn’t want to know anything more.”the stunt double continued.

And he sentenced: “She’s rude. With how things are today and if I were a man I wouldn’t accept anything”. To which Darío sentenced: “He said things that were a joke and I accepted them because later he changed. He said stupid things, he didn’t climb any further”.

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