Max presents what is to come in Spain

Max presents what is to come in Spain
Max presents what is to come in Spain

We have gone to the presentation of new products and there is something else to tell other than how delicious the blue cupcakes were

There is something beautiful about the birth of a new audiovisual channel, although, as in this case, be rather a kind of change or resurrection. One hopes, as a client, that the mistakes of the past are not made again, that new things look really good, that they have learned to get away a little from the dictatorship of strategy and algorithm. Today Max was presented in Madrid, but don’t worry, you won’t need to sign up: all HBO Max subscribers will automatically take the step at the same price. And if, The fifty percent offer is maintained, you can breathe easy.

The new streaming is going to be divided into three different legs, one of which is completely new and may catch you on the wrong foot: traditional fiction programming, entertainment (with special emphasis on reality shows) and sports. And, of course, with the change it will have a good handful of new foreign formats, making ‘The House of the Dragon’ coexist with ‘The Twins Reform Twice’, in the craziest “Choose Your Own Adventure” in audiovisuals. Furthermore, Max has taken the opportunity to present to us what they are doing in Spain. AND looks, to say the least, curious.

When no one sees us

Eye: Enrique Urbizu directing Maribel Verdú and Mariela Garriga. Big words. ‘When Nobody Sees Us’ is a series that takes place in a town in Andalusia, during Holy Week, where a death in surprising circumstances and the events that occur at the same time in a military base – subject to its own rules and codes – make that two women, a ruthless civil guard sergeant and an American military agent, go investigate.

The two actresses highlighted not only their good chemistry, but also his absolute adoration for the director (“Thank you very much for putting us AL director, working with Enrique Urbizu “It’s incredible, what is it going to be like to work with him and not have him there?”, Verdú commented) and the admiration for his characters. In particular, Verdú has spoken about how he has enjoyed playing a character totally contrary to her: “She has had a very shitty life, very heavy things have happened to her and she is quite bitter, she has no need to show herself in any other way. Widowed, with a teenage daughter, taking care of her mother-in-law, She is a pretty impenetrable aunt.

After commenting on the friendliness of the town where they are filming, where the baker brings the freshly baked bread to the set and the neighbors make potatoes to accompany the octopus that is bought at the fishmonger, we were able to see a teaser… And, the truth is, it looks great and very original, with both actresses in parallel worlds that are at odds at the same time. ‘When Nobody Sees Us’ is still filming, so the release date is obviously unclear. Of course, it is the most promising project that has been presented to us this morning.


Loved by some, hated by others, Leticia Dolera returns to the fray after the success of ‘Perfect Life’ with a series about “the taboo at the social, family and individual level”. In other words, about mental health, childhood, social networks and, above all, sexuality. And as a metaphor for it and this continuous change, the director has made the series take place in Catalonia, and more particularly in the world of human towers.

The image of the castell came to me, which is ephemeral, it is assembled and dismantled. Both sexes are mixed, it is intergenerational, many ways of seeing life are mixed and it is a context that is constantly questioning itself. There is always an intention for progress and renewal. The image is pure tradition but I was very interested in the contact with the bodies, which is no longer a taboo because in a castell you have to touch yourself a lot.

The series breaks out after an alleged sexual abuse between adolescents of 13 and 14 years oldwhich lifts the taboo rugs from several families who do not know how to face such a complex situation. “But it’s a brilliant series, okay?! It’s about second chances and having the tools to make a good castell”reassured Dolera, who warned that The casting is for 70 actors, many of them in the middle of puberty. Filming starts in June so, in effect, the release date has fallen on us like a castle.


The great unexpected: a series that brings together Candela Peña, Nathalie Poza, Pilar Castro, Cecilia Roth and Carmen Machi (almost nothing) in the roles of five women overwhelmed by life who end up rebelling with a very crazy outburst. “For me it was essential to know that we needed an iconic, spectacular and very powerful casting”said its creator, Félix Sabroso (‘Veneno’, ‘Women’, ‘The Interior Island’).

The actresses have described the script as “The best thing I’ve read in years” (and, even in a promotional event, the sincerity is seen) while Sabroso has advanced three steps saying that his idea “was that when they read what I had written they couldn’t say no. It will be very difficult for it not to devastate. Well, we’ll have to see it. From the series we know that it is a comedy about women “great mistakes, trapped by a system that suffocates them and in many of their demands they are very right, but at the same time they are great deniers of reality. They all live in a state of contained furyas if it were a pressure cooker that at some point is going to explode wildly.”.

With a “It was time to be angry”the team has run off to prepare the series, because They start filming this Monday. And that means, again, that there is no release date on the horizon. Of course, it has been a project so carried out behind the scenes and presented with so much care that it is noticeable that Max wanted to bet on him. Will have to see.

Beijing Express

Yeah! ‘Peking Express’ is back! Of course, with famous people, relax your joy. It is what there is in these times as a mandatory step to eat to be able to enjoy your favorite reality formats. At least they have announced that there will be new challenges and a totally new route that Miguel Ángel Muñoz himself has presented to us from Hanoi, in Vietnam live. We only know that filming has just begun, it will take place across three countries that they have not wanted to reveal and that after seeing it we are going to want to get off the couch to go to those places. And man, for wanting…

The presenter has said that it is already “one of the most important experiences I have ever had” and can only define the work of the 180 people, many heirs of the old ‘Peking Express’as “amazing”. There is also no release date, but there are a good handful of fans of the format who are going to be following it closely. No matter how well they sell it, I don’t know whether to completely trust the casting of celebrities at this point in the game.

Naked attraction

Like ‘First dates’, but naked. Marta Flich, the presenter of the format, has told us what the reality show is about, knowing perfectly well that there will be controversy on social networks: it is, basically, a date that goes well but in reverse. That is, a person chooses who they want to go on a date with after seeing several naked people (yes, without censorship) and We see how things go after shedding her modesty and without anything to hide. They already warn us that not all bodies “are Adonis” and that there are very emotional stories behind the decision to participate there.

Everything will be seen, of course. It is a beautiful project, extremely healthy. Healthy, positive, where there are no prejudices: that taboo thing that is bodies is removed from the equation, there are very shocking stories behind the people who go to this program. There are many sexual orientations, races, etc., a lot of diversity and totally open-minded, hygienic and healthy.


And also, This summer at Max they will host the Paris Olympic Games for the whole world that already has the streaming. From then on, an extra subscription will be required to watch Roland Garrós, the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France, La Vuelta, the Australian Open and the UFC. It is an important shift in strategy and It will be necessary to see if this commitment to live and sports is understood on the street.

Of course, in Spain we will also have long-awaited series such as ‘The Penguin’, ‘House of the Dragon’, ‘Dune Prophecy’, ‘Welcome to Derry’ or ‘Harry Potter’. And, after the summer, another three episodes of one of the contents that has performed best in audiences: ‘The Sancho Case’, in whose trailer we can already see Edwin Arrieta’s sister stating that “I don’t know if my brother was alive when this person started dismembering him”. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck.

From May 21thwe have a new girl in the office: her name is Max and she is divine.

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