Marcos Ginocchio returns to the Big Brother house: when will he join?

Marcos Ginocchio returns to the Big Brother house: when will he join?
Marcos Ginocchio returns to the Big Brother house: when will he join?


On March 27, 2023, after almost five months of play, Marcos Ginocchio consecrated himself as the winner of Big Brother (Telefe). Since then, despite the great fame she garnered, she maintained a low profile in the media, although she began a career in the world of modeling. Partially installed in her native Salta, The 24-year-old keeps his followers in suspense due to his few public appearances.. But now, he would make a great triumphant return to reality.

Respect for his teammates, his calmness, kindness and showing himself as he is were the qualities that distinguished the man from Salta among his teammates, achieving his place in the final and realizing the dream of consecrating himself as the winner of the coexistence reality show. The truth is that from that moment on, the doors in the media were opened wide for him, but he decided to keep a low profile and he rarely appeared on screen again.

Marcos Ginocchio will return to the Big Brother house, during the final stretch of the cycle Telefe

The fields of advertising and modeling were those chosen by Marcos to work in, and in this way his fans continued to see him in the medium, although he clarified on social networks that he chooses to be in Salta surrounded by his loved ones, and enjoying those moments. With the beginning of a new broadcast of the reality show that he won, it was speculated that he would have a special participation, but he had allegedly decided not to be part of the cycle again; However, with a proposal from the Big Brother production, the winner would return to the most famous house.

“They offered him to enter the final. She said yes. “Marcos would enter the last days, or the last day, to accompany the three finalists in the last hours inside the house,” Ángel de Brito revealed in THE M (America) about the young man’s return to reality, which began to enter its final stretch. According to the information indicated by the journalist, the agreement is already a fact, with an agreed payment amount in dollars.

Marcos Ginocchio avoids exposure in the media and chooses to have a low profile THE NATION

In this way, the brand new winner would be the fourth person who would be in the house of Big Brother in the end. In this broadcast, there will be three finalists. At the moment the details of this expected incorporation are scarce, according to the production movements that are carried out in the cycle to protect the surprise effect for both the audience and the players.

After five months of play, speculation surrounding the end date of the game was diverse and ended with the announcement of the series’ host. Although this was not accurate information, Santiago del Moro revealed live that it will be in July that the definition of the game will be known, which will make this broadcast the most extensive of the ten that took place in the country.

“I can’t give you an exact date because it depends on many things that exist in the middle at a sporting level. It’s going to be the first days of July, it won’t be long.”, were the driver’s words to the eager players who want to reach the final stretch. Currently, there are eight people in play, and bets have already begun to be placed on who will make up the trident that will be played. the winner title.


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