Hard setback for LN+ from its biggest competitor

For quite some time now LN+ has shown that it is one of the cable stations that knows well how to capture the attention of its audience, bringing together the main figures in journalism and having a faithful stance on current political and social news.

The news channel knows how to stand out with excellent ratings numbers, even surpassing several air channels, but yesterday LN+ suffered a sharp drop in ratings in a matter of a few minutes.

Good numbers for LN+ last Wednesday night.

The political mood was heated due to the act carried out by President Javier Milei and therefore, the gaze of many fell on the news signals. The newspaper station La Nación covered the event but interest in seeing it there changed drastically and C5N’s numbers rose meteorically.

In a matter of a minute, C5N took the lead among the news channels. LN+ It remained in the background and seconded the top of the most viewed. Those who have had a day almost to forget are those of TN, since “TN Central” was duplicated by the competition.

C5N stole the lead from LN+.

A great night

Although the news channel lost in terms of numbers with C5N, it managed to have a more than interesting day. LN+ It was fifth among the most viewed channels of the night, surpassing América TV, for example.

Excellent night for the news channels thanks to the coverage of Javier Milei’s event at Luna Park.

In full prime time, the channel had a number of 3.9 points, placing it in second position among cable stations. C5N placed third overall.

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