Botota’s betrayal and his strong fight with Camila Recabarren in Win or Serve?

Botota’s betrayal and his strong fight with Camila Recabarren in Win or Serve?
Botota’s betrayal and his strong fight with Camila Recabarren in Win or Serve?

The transformer’s decision was crucial so that another of his team was finally in danger of elimination.

The strategy of the Soberanos team in Win or Serve? It worked perfectly after Botota Fox he would betray his groupa decision that meant a strong fight with Camila Recabarren.

The last episode of the Channel 13 reality show was marked by Face to Face where everyone had to vote to send a teammate to elimination. It was there that a tense discussion began that ended dividing Resistencia and ruining their plans.

Betrayal and fractures in the Resistance

Demonstrating that they were previously organized, all the Sovereigns went by Camila Recabarrena strategy that left it as the third nominee.

However, although the opposing team tried to do the same by nominating Mariela, Botota unexpectedly voted for Sabélo.

“More than a nomination, I welcome you. “If I leave tomorrow, I want to tell you that the only queen is me, and I hope this helps you, it’s a vote out of affection,” the transformer argued, surprising all his companions.

The strong fight between Botota and Camila Recabarren

When it was his turn to vote, Camila Recabarren He made a powerful mention referring in harsh terms against Botota.

“You are a disloyal and false person who talks about strategy and teamwork, but at the first opportunity, you fail. We had talked as a team about making decisions, but here you see the strongest and most loyal ones,” exclaimed the former Miss Chile.

“You’re not going to argue with me, remember that we had a very bad time arguing. You weren’t afraid to go to elimination, wow. “I don’t care what you say.”answered the transformer.

“You have to play a character because they don’t even know you as José Miguel, you are super fake“Recabarren continued telling him, after making his nomination.

“You were made to respond to others and you come to respond to me. “You are nobody, miss, go away,” he responded, trying to ignore her.

For his part, before voting for Mariela, Blue Mary He dedicated a few words to Botota, letting him see his annoyance: “I knew it but it still surprises me. Now I understand everything”.

But this was not all, since after the Assembly the fight between the comedian and the model continued in the house without reducing the intensity.

“Chanta! She gets angry at being told the truth. You get into a character because I didn’t even know you,” Camila reproached him.

It was there that Botota was seen walking away to the patio while crying while being accompanied by Luis Mateucci.

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