There will be no ‘Team Hell’; Shanik Berman revealed Televisa’s strategy to avoid alliances in The House of the Famous Mexico

There will be no ‘Team Hell’; Shanik Berman revealed Televisa’s strategy to avoid alliances in The House of the Famous Mexico
There will be no ‘Team Hell’; Shanik Berman revealed Televisa’s strategy to avoid alliances in The House of the Famous Mexico

The irreverent journalist will give something to talk about in the Televisa reality show (Photo: Archive)

One month before the start of the second season of ‘The House of the Famous’details have been leaked about the new installment of the reality show produced by Televisa Univision and the names of some participants have been revealed.

At the moment, the television station has confirmed the actor Mario Bezaresthe actress Briggitte Bozzothe entertainment journalist Shanik Berman and to influencer Agustin Fernandez as inhabitants of the controversial reality show which achieved unusual success in its first season in 2023.

In an interview conducted with Shanik Bermanit was announced that the participants’ contracts include strict clauses.

One of the main rules prohibits contestants from communicating with each other before the start of the program, to avoid the formation of alliances such as ‘Team Hell’ from the first season.

After finishing the program, the famous LCDLFM team premiered ‘La Guarida del Infierno’ on TV and a streaming platform (Instagram:@ponchodenigris).

As revealed Berman to his colleague, the journalist Alex Kaffie“you cannot communicate with other participants from now until the start of the reality show.”

“There are things that you cannot do by contract: you cannot fight with anyone, if you fight with someone, you slap them, you are out and you are signing this in the contract”

The first season of The House of the Famous was widely successful largely thanks to the ‘Team Hell’whose strategy and union won them the support of the public from the first week.

According to the finalists, part of their strategy was planned before the start of the realitythrough meetings in which they promised to protect each other.

The alliance formed by some members of the program will not be possible in the new installment of the format (Screenshot / Vix)

Wendy Guevara explained that together with Paul Stanley, Sofia Rivera Torres, Sergio Mayer and Nigris Ponchothey formed the team that remained strong until the final.

However, the rules for the new season seek to prevent such alliances. In addition to the ban on prior contact, Berman mentioned that any physical altercation will result in the expulsion of the participant involved.

On the other hand, according to Alex Kaffieit is expected that in the coming weeks the participation of Karime Pindter and Luis ‘Potro’ Caballero in the second season of ‘The House of the Famous’.

Shanik Berman is willing to generate controversy within LCDLF 2 (Instagram shanikberman)

After becoming known as the third confirmed to be the next inhabitant of the house, the journalist told the press what will be the most complicated part of their coexistence:

“The only problem I have is that I like to stay and poop for like an hour because it’s hard for me, I’m very constipated. I’m carrying a lot of suppositories, a thousand things to help me go to the bathroom, probiotics, etc., but even so, what I wouldn’t want is for them to take me out of the toilet. I’m thinking about take a small potty“The problem is that they only want me to carry one suitcase and I already have like four,” confided the journalist who only has one request:

“They just let me stay in the toilet, whatever I need so that whatever needs to come out comes out,” he added.

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