Austria: video shows murderer of Chilean woman after crime

Austria: video shows murderer of Chilean woman after crime
Austria: video shows murderer of Chilean woman after crime

A shocking video record was revealed by an Austrian media in the context of the murder of a young Chilean woman in Vienna.

Carla Antonia S. (22), was attacked, for unknown reasons, by a Romanian individual with whom she shared the apartment in the Floridsdorf district, in the capital of that country. The man, identified as Eduard S., 26, hit her on the head with an ax inside the building. After that, the subject went out onto the public road and attacked the window of another apartment, as well as a car.

In the video published by the media Osterreich You can see the behavior of the subject after the crime. Walking bare-chested, he knelt on the sidewalk and began hitting the ground with the axe. Then, with visible coldness, continued on his way carrying the ax on his shoulder. You can even see that he throws the ax into the air to catch it again.

Co-workers of the Chilean victim arrived at the scene. Likewise, two police officers who were patrolling the area arrived in a vehicle. The subject also attacked them, so the police shot him. The subject, whom the aforementioned media classified as a bodybuilder, was shot to death in the street.

The reports from that country show that the subject had previously presented “serious psychological problems”. The same medium states that the subject “could have been in love with the Chilean woman, who, however, did not reciprocate his feelings.”

The Foreign Ministry reported that the Chilean Consulate in Vienna is in contact with the local police to “gather the background information regarding the case” and they were waiting for the identity of the Chilean to be confirmed. The young woman was in that country with a Working Holiday visa.

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