Karina Ramírez, Army sergeant

Karina Ramírez, Army sergeant
Karina Ramírez, Army sergeant

Karina Ramírez, Army sergeant who was kidnapped last year for ELN with his two children, he spoke exclusively to the microphones of La W and made loud complaints against the institution. Additionally, he revealed details of his captivity.

“During my kidnapping, the commanders of the ELN were emphatic in saying that my kidnapping was planned, Even when my vehicle was stopped, they told me that it took me a long time to arrive, that they were waiting for me. I talk about it now because I have been presented since the moment of my release “a constant persecution against me”he said to start.

In context:

Who ordered his kidnapping?

Sergeant Ramírez said that He insistently asked the commander of the THE N about the people who had given the order to execute the planto which the guerrilla replied that it would have been from the same National Army.

“Because I? who gave the order? and they answered me “sergeant, we are in a peace process. The Military Forces are in decline and need to raise the perspective that the Colombian people have towards the Army.” They told me that they were following orders and that they had to follow them. They told me that everything was coordinated and even during my kidnapping there were three hooded people who never spoke. One of the commanders told me to greet my companions, he told me “they are soldiers.” sergeant, react. Don’t worry, they are in the same uniform, they are people who work for the Army, do you think there are no infiltrators? “When he told me that was when I was surprised.”

After a year of his kidnapping, he told La W that he has not received any support on the part of the National Army, zero protection and that on the contrary, for asking permission for his medical and psychological appointments due to consequences, they have started research disciplinary.

“My problems health They came forward after the kidnapping. I have always tried to stay silent because I was protecting the institution that I love and I realize that protecting the institution backfired. One day, October 30, at a psychiatry appointment, he called me. Miss Lieutenant, Natali Buitragowho is the psychologist of the family management of BR23 and tells me verbatim “Sergeant, I don’t understand why you don’t come to work and why you earn salary without working. Tell me what your situation is.” I introduced myself to him and told him that I didn’t understand why he was telling me that. To which she responds, “What is she doing in Bogotá, at medical appointments? I don’t give a damn about the kidnapping situation that you experienced! Here you are paid to work, not to attend medical appointments”.

W Radio contacted Lieutenant Natali Buitrago and pointed out that the affirmations of Sergeant Ramírez were totally false and that even, on the day of the call, she was with her entire team of professionals from the military family center who heard the entire conversation “and are witnesses of what really happened.”

Ramirez points out that His transfer to Arauca was given in advance by the Army commander at that time.

“I carried out the order and it went through many thoughts in my head because at the time the guerrillas stopped me they even had the license plates of my car. They showed me all the information they had about my life. They had the qualification of my polygon, personal data; I asked them where they got so much from and they told me “well, sergeant, we have access to everything in the Army” and I was even more afraid because “Who am I with?”

The security studies that have been carried out on the sergeant indicate that her situation is extremely dangerous. Until now, have received calls from alleged officials of the National Protection Unit and her children, according to her, were chased by a truck.

“I have received a series of calls in which they tell me that I have to remain silent and I cannot open my mouth. They tell me that they are UNP officials with the excuse of a protection measure and they summon me to cafeterias, clearly I did not agree. The Prosecutor’s Office They provided me with protective measures and were clear that I was a key witness, But they told me that they were going to hide me, that I could not continue working and that they were going to give me housing and food, but I cannot support my home like this and I rejected the measure. They told me that the Army was going to give me protection, but nothing has happened.”

Listen to the full interview below:

“The ELN told me that my kidnapping was planned”: Karina Ramírez, Army sergeant

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