Venezuela strongly rejects the Citgo dispossession process

Venezuela strongly rejects the Citgo dispossession process
Venezuela strongly rejects the Citgo dispossession process

This process is carried out “under the subterfuge of a judicial procedure for the forced sale of shares that is clearly contrary to the law,” denounced a statement released by executive vice president Delcy Rodríguez.

The text explained that Citgo is an important strategic asset of the state company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and pointed out that its “forced sale constitutes another episode of the multiform aggression” carried out by US institutions against the Bolivarian Republic.

All of this with the objective of plundering the Venezuelan people of the assets that belong to them, in open transgression of the norms that govern peaceful coexistence between States and “in open compromise with the extremist factors of national anti-politics, servile to the orders of Washington,” he said.

The note specified that the Bolivarian Executive and PDVSA were excluded from the judicial sale of Citgo and were “prevented from defending their rights before the US courts.”

He denounced that the authorities of the northern country had the complicity of the organized crime group calling itself “National Assembly of 2015”, led by Juan Guaidó, Julio Borges and the caste of Venezuelan neo-fascism.

The statement specified that since 2019 they have attempted to usurp the institutions and representation of the Republic and its entities abroad.

The Bolivarian Republic reiterated that “it does not and will not recognize the forced sale of Citgo that is being carried out, in flagrant disregard of economic guarantees, due process and the right to defense, guaranteed by any civilized nation.”

The Venezuelan executive confirmed that he will continue to adopt all the measures at his disposal to prevent the consummation of the dispossession of that PDVSA company, while reserving the exercise of actions against any company or individual that acquires the shares, facilitates the purchase or negotiates with its assets.

As well as against those responsible for “the dispossession of this asset of great importance for the present and future of Venezuelans,” he stressed.

He stressed that the Bolivarian people will know how to respond, in great national unity, to reject this brazen theft by the United States Government, together with the criminals of national extremism.


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