Viral video: delivery man scares away thieves with machete in hand

The camera recorded the exact moment in which a resident defends himself with a machete from thieves who were trying to rob him in Montevideo, Uruguay.

This video has gone viral on social networks, generating a debate about the safety of home workers and the use of force in risk situations.

The victim, whose identity has not been revealed, was delivering an order when he noticed the suspicious approach of two individuals. In the face of imminent danger, He took out a machete from his delivery backpack and confronted the assailants, who decided to flee when they saw the sharp weapon.

According to what was evidenced in the video, the delivery man began a chase while the thieves tried to escape in the opposite direction.

According to police sources, The worker could have acted in self-defense, a right supported by Uruguayan law in cases of current or imminent unlawful aggression. However, the authorities continue to investigate to clarify the details of the incident and determine the proportionality of the use of the machete.

The debate on social networks has focused on the vulnerability of home delivery workers to crime and the precarious working conditions they face.

Users have urged authorities and delivery companies to improve security measures and offer self-defense training to prevent violent incidents like the one that occurred.

This incident, which occurred on Saturday, June 22, 2024, highlights the need to address the safety of delivery workers in Uruguay and ensure a safe working environment safer for those who perform this type of functions.

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