This week’s best-selling non-fiction books

ABC Cultural takes a step to improve the list of best-selling books. The supplement has entrusted GfK (Growth from Knowledge) —a leading company in market research, a leading global provider of data and analysis to the consumer goods sector—this weekly sampling that reflects the real ranking of the ten best-selling titles in Spain, in the fields of Fiction , Non-Fiction and Children and Youth. The tracking extrapolated weekly by GfK is the best audit available on the market and is prepared from sales recorded in more than 1,300 points. These 1,300 points of sale are collected through three channels—bookstores, department stores and online sales—and are considered to cover 90 percent of the market.

Tops the ‘ranking’, in the 1st place ‘Recover your mind, recapture your life’ (Espasa), where Dr. Marian Rojas Estapé offers advice on how to regain lost attention and peace of mind in a hyperconnected world, in which we suffer anxiety if we do not achieve everything immediately. In it 2nd place, ‘Atomic Habits’ (Diana) by James Clear. Its subtitle advances the content: ‘Small changes, extraordinary results’. The American writer’s proposal is that to improve our lives it is not necessary to modify it in a spectacular way. It is enough to make small decisions every day and put them into practice. 3rd place occupies it’Don’t make mountains out of molehills’ (Grijalbo), by psychologist Rafael Santandreu. The author of the successful ‘The art of not making life bitter’ is convinced that it is possible to achieve happiness and tells us how to do it. In it position 4, ‘Goodbye to inflammation’ (Harper Collins), where nutritionist Sandra Moñino offers advice on how to prevent diseases, delay aging and lose weight. Her theory is that many health problems could be due to chronic inflammation.

In it 5th place repeats Dr. Marian Rojas Estapé with ‘How to make good things happen to you’(Espasa), offering us recommendations, guidelines… to manage conflicts and anxieties, since controlling them is within our reach. In it 6th place, ‘Something that serves as light’ (Aguilar). Journalist Fernando Navarro analyzes the story of four friends who went through heaven and hell. In 7th place, ‘Anatomy of Evil’ (Editions B), by Jordi Wild. The successful YouTuber explores eight terrible crimes and raises disturbing questions: How is it possible that people with seemingly normal lives can inflict so much pain, even on their loved ones?

They complete the ‘ranking’, in he 8th place, ‘La teva salut begins here’ (The Rose of the Winds). Xavier Verdaguer explains how the intestine plays a fundamental role in our health. In andl 9th ​​place, ‘Tor. The focus ences tot l´any’ (La Campana), where Carles Porta immerses us in Tor, a town in the Catalan Pyrenees, and investigates hatred and resentment and an unsolved crime. In 10th place, ‘Zelda’. The most innovative saga’ (RBA), by Fran J. Brenlla, where the adventurous spirit that we all have inside is unleashed. .

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