5 books for new mothers

We don’t have to do it alone, in literature we find extra help.

Becoming a mother is a desire shared by many women, but it is also one of the most challenging responsibilities we face in life. Although the Internet and our family members can offer useful advice, the real experience of caring for our children is only understood when we live it.

This does not mean that we should face it alone. Therefore, we present here some books specially designed for new moms. These readings will not only provide you with answers to your most sincere doubts, but they will also They will serve as a source of distraction and emotional support.

Imperfect parenting, by Paola Roig

Boards the prejudices and guilt we face as mothers, both those that come from within us and those imposed by society. The book seeks free ourselves from these negative feelings to accompany us in our motherhood process. It takes away the pressure of being exceptional mothers and helps us accept ourselves as we are, giving us confidence in our own abilities.

Educate without losing your nerve, written by Tania García,

It focuses on the emotional education of children, highlighting the need for parents develop their own emotional skills before addressing those of their children. The book offers a variety of tools to help children understand their emotions and foster empathy and respect, thereby promoting healthy relationships.

Mom’s Life: A Coloring Book for Mothers, by Papeterie Bleu

Offers respite for busy moms. Although being a mother can limit our opportunities to engage in activities outside of caring for our children, this coloring book specifically designed for mothers is a moment of personal relaxation.

Available on Amazon, this book won’t give you instructions on parenting, but it will allow you to connect with your creative side. It’s ideal for those quiet moments when your child is asleep, and helps you feel understood by representing situations with which you will identify.

Postpartum Depression: Coming Out of the Silence, by Nathalie Nanzer

It addresses a topic that remains taboo for many people. Often after childbirth, many women do not experience the expected happiness, joy or even maternal instinct. Many They fall into postpartum depression, but can’t identify it or talk about itespecially new mothers.

It is a work that addresses the guilt or shame that new mothers may feel. He dares to answer questions: How can this “happy event” transform into depression? Why is this disease so little known? How does postpartum depression manifest and how to differentiate it from the natural emotionality of this period or the baby blues. ?

I’m going to be a mom! Illusions, fears and doubts

It is a work aimed at those who They prepare for the adventure of motherhood or fatherhood. From pregnancy to bonding with your baby, it addresses the natural fears and concerns that arise in this new stage of life.

Motherhood should not be a lonely path, although it is important to take care of ourselves. Each woman experiences unique feelings and situations in this process, but Fear is something we share. For this reason, various authors and specialists have gathered their knowledge in one place to help us on this path.

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