The unexpected stories of Rodrigo Cortés

The unexpected stories of Rodrigo Cortés
The unexpected stories of Rodrigo Cortés

It’s the last few years, Rodrigo Cortés is experiencing great professional success beyond its condition filmmaker. Its facets of writer and podcaster They have made him very popular among the general public. His participation in spaces such as ‘Almighty’ and ‘Here be dragons’ -two of the most listened to podcasts in Spain- and the success of his last two books -the novel ‘The extraordinary years’ and the satirical dictionary ‘Verbolary’– have raised the person responsible for films like ‘Buried’, ‘Red Lights’ and ‘Love in Its Place’ to be high up the ranks of Spanish culture thanks to a very personal work and to his wit, sympathy and brilliance.

This Friday May 24, starting at 8:15 p.m. In the big tent on Paseo del Espolón, the author will present his latest work, ‘Telluric Tales’ (Random House)accompanied by the journalist Rosalía Santaolalla.

According to the publisher’s note, “‘Telluric Tales’ is an anthology of almost fantastic stories, or a collection of magical stories just about. In ‘Telluric Tales’ there is room for venerable caliphs, reptilian men, clever girls, characters trapped within characters, letters from the future, circles in grain fields, raging volcanoes, declarations of quantum love, “cats, abductions, giant squids, fables without morals, invisible emanations arising from the heart of the earth, immaterial priests, women of time…”, they indicate. Reading it will make us see if we are in some unexpected stories by Rodrigo Cortés or quite the opposite, is what is expected of a unusual and exceptional writer As the.

Cortés, you just received the Mariano de Cavia Prize for Journalism for his article ‘The tortilla, with tilde or without tilde?’, will premiere next fall his new film, ‘Escape’starring Mario Casas and Anna Castillo and produced by himself Martin Scorsese. Until then, she will continue telling surprising stories wherever she is summoned. This Friday, without going any further, at the Burgos Book Fair.

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