Cuellar superheroes fill the Book Fair

The fifteenth edition of the Cuéllar Book Fair opened its doors yesterday with a comic theme focused on superheroes, protagonists throughout the day, both those of flesh and blood who do not wear capes and those native to the town, created for this occasion and inspired by its monuments and traditions.

The first, the real superheroes, are embodied in the little María Yuste and the now deceased young Héctor Hernansanz, both with rare diseases and who are the protagonists of two stories written by Patricia de Frutos and Ángela Hernansanz respectively. The two authors were in charge of opening the fair, in addition to presenting their publications during the day.

After the presentations of both publications it was the turn of the superheroes from Cuellar, creations by Rosa González and Chantal Núñez. And for this edition of the fair, new Cuéllar superheroes have been created based on the town’s own traditions, as well as its historical, artistic, industrial and also human heritage.

With these bases, through some posters, at the fair you can meet ‘Achicoria Woman’, a superheroine from Cuellar who lives within the cloister of San Francisco; or ‘Chatoman’, an elderly superhero from Cuellar who can be found in the area known as ‘El Echegaray’; without forgetting the young ‘MajaGirl’, who recharges her power by dancing traditional dances; or ‘Pinoman’, which can be found in the Sea of ​​Pinares, of which he is protector.

The guardians of the town of Cuéllar are ‘Castlewoman and Castleman’, who from the castle can observe the little ‘Canica boy and Peonza girl’, who recharge their energy by rolling the egg with ‘the snack’, traditional in the town of Cuéllar the dates after Holy Week. ‘Mudéjar Woman’, inspired by this art and especially by the tombs of the church of San Esteban; and ‘Toroman’, dressed in a red scarf like the Cuellarans during their festivities, complete the cast of Cuellaran superheroes created for this Fair.

The fair has eight bookseller booths where you can purchase numerous copies of the most varied literary genres such as children’s stories, poetry, suspense, youth literature, fantasy, narrative, historical novels or self-help books, among others. In addition, more than fifteen authors will be signing books, on a day in which activities are planned such as presentations of publications or workshops for the little ones, who will also be able to participate in a superhero search contest or have their photo taken with them.

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