Cajasol.- The Cajasol Foundation hosts the presentation of the book ‘Plaza de Aladreros’, by Soledad Zurera – Spain

Cajasol.- The Cajasol Foundation hosts the presentation of the book ‘Plaza de Aladreros’, by Soledad Zurera – Spain
Cajasol.- The Cajasol Foundation hosts the presentation of the book ‘Plaza de Aladreros’, by Soledad Zurera – Spain

The headquarters of the Cajasol Foundation in Córdoba, located at number 32 Ronda de los Tejares, hosted this Monday afternoon the presentation of the book ‘Plaza de Aladreros’, by Soledad Zurera, published by the Ánfora Nova publishing house within its poetry collection.

As the publisher has indicated in a note, Carmen García, editor, participated in this event; José María Molina; director of the publishing house Ánfora Nova, and the poet and professor of Literature from Córdoba Soledad Zurera, author of the book.

First of all, Carmen García has expressed her gratitude to the Cajasol Foundation as the collaborating entity and host of the presentation, as well as to the personalities from the cultural, legal and social fields, and to the large audience who attended the room. of acts.

Thus, he stated that “the objective of this book is to present an excellent set of unpublished poems, set in the city of Córdoba, which have been prepared throughout a life dedicated to literary creation, with the aim of can facilitate, update and enrich the vision and study of the impeccable work of Soledad Zurera”.

The author has highlighted her status as a graduate in Romance Philology and professor of Literature at the Faculty of Letters and at the IES Averroes in Córdoba, as well as being an outstanding literary critic and regular contributor to newspapers, magazines and anthologies.

Likewise, the lawyer and editor of Ánfora Nova has expressed her “joy and satisfaction for having edited the splendid collection of poems by Soledad Zurera”, of whom she highlighted “her relevant literary career, her numerous published books and the important recognitions with which she has been distinguished as They are, among others, the Silver Lunch Box from the Ateneo de Córdoba or the Luis Carrillo de Sotomayor, Gabriel Celaya, Arcipreste de Hita, Fray Luis de León poetry awards (from the Provincial Council of Valladolid), or the Dionisia García award from the University of Murcia”.

For his part, the director of the Ánfora Nova publishing house, José María Molina, has briefly summarized the main characteristics of the work of which he has stated that “it is an excellent collection of poems, very vibrant and emotional, that portrays the spatial and temporal images that They recall their existential reality with an exquisite sensitivity and a splendid poetic craft.”

It is, as he has stated, “a collection of poems of great lyrical height that radiates luminosity, depth and reflection, where specific places and landscapes of his life journey in the city of Córdoba are perceived, where dreams, love, passion, illness, death, hopes and obstacles of all kinds that sift through human existence.

Likewise, the director of Ánfora Nova has very exhaustively explained the literary ins and outs of the poems that make up this book, which he described as “intense, deep and transparent.” Poems that, according to Molina, “are an emotional and moving tribute to the memory of time consummated and to the unfading traces that ooze from its beats of nostalgia.”

They are texts that “distill a wide set of truly dazzling metaphors that move with their beauty. A brilliant book where the precision of the word, the musicality of its verses and the intense lyrical emotion they transmit are the main elements that make up the sublime poetic architecture of his work, and of the poems that make it up,” he noted.

Finally, the author of the work, Soledad Zurera, in addition to expressing her gratitude to the Cajasol Foundation, to the speakers who preceded her in the use of the word and to the Ánfora Nova publishing house, which she congratulated for having been distinguished last February 23 with the Gold Medal of Andalusia, has referred to his book as “the result of a deep reflection on the existential traces that pulsate in his family and experiential memories limited to the city of Córdoba, his hopes, his horizons and his dreams; concluding with the commented reading of a selection of representative poems from his book.

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