Avicii’s new photo-book, ‘The Life and Music of Tim Bergling’, a legacy that transcends time | Books

Avicii’s new photo-book, ‘The Life and Music of Tim Bergling’, a legacy that transcends time | Books
Avicii’s new photo-book, ‘The Life and Music of Tim Bergling’, a legacy that transcends time | Books

In a world where electronic music has become a universal language, few artists have managed to impact the hearts and souls of millions as he did. Tim Bergling, known worldwide as Avicii. His sudden departure in 2018 left a void in the music industry and in the fans who found solace and joy in his melodies. His legacy continues through a moving photo book titled The Life and Music of Tim Bergling, a work that captures the essence of his artistic and personal journey.

The book, available in English through Avicii’s official online store, is a collection of photographs that chronicle Bergling’s life from his childhood to his rise as EDM icon. Each page is a testament to his talent, his passion and his struggle, offering rare personal moments and an intimate look at the man behind the music.

Developed in collaboration with the Tim Bergling Foundation, a charity established by Avicii’s family in 2019, the photo book aims to support the foundation’s mission to fund research and develop preventative solutions for young people experiencing suicidal thoughts. All profits from the book go to this noble cause, reaffirming Avicii’s commitment to the well-being of future generations.

Avicii’s parents, Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén, said in a joint statement: “We are proud to honor Tim with this book. We continue to hear how much he and his music have meant to people. We hope his fans enjoy this photographic journey. and Tim’s story.”

The photo book follows the launch of Tim: The official biography of Avicii, written by Swedish journalist Måns Mosesson and published in 2021. The biography celebrates Avicii’s life and music, providing an honest portrait of his personal struggles. In addition to the photo book, A new documentary about Avicii’s life and music is premiering at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Avicii’s influence on electronic music is indisputable. With successes like Levels or Wake Me Up, not only got the audience dancing, but also completely redefined the genre. Her iconic pose with her arm in the air became a symbol of an era, one that changed the future of music forever.

This photo book is more than a collection of images; is a tribute to an artist who, through his music, touched the lives of many people and left an indelible mark on pop culture. The Life and Music of Tim Bergling not only celebrates his musical career, but also charts his life in images, from his most memorable performances to personal moments that offer insight into the man behind the icon.

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