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What does the book say that makes your empire shake?

What does the book say that makes your empire shake?
What does the book say that makes your empire shake?

Tom Bower’s work titled “The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power” causes scandals among the family’s followers as it tells the most hidden secrets.

In the middle of the book launch “The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power”written by Tom Bower, about the millionaire family, more revealing information is known. The controversial work went on sale on June 20 and some paragraphs have already been published that put the Beckhams at the center of the scandal.

According to what has been revealed, some secrets of Victory and David Beckham, who are not the couple they appear to be in the media. As described in the text, the former Space Girl slapped her husband in the face when she found out about an alleged affair the man had with her assistant. Rebecca Loos.

“Once the show was over, they disappeared into their chalet… while everyone was falling asleep, A journalist looked out the window of the Beckhams’ chalet. Victoria was slapping Beckham hard in the face. Beckham, famous for his ‘short fuse’, did not retaliate,” Bower told the outlet. TheMirror.

David and Victoria Beckham. Photos: IG.

The Beckhams are exposed to the maximum: infidelities and relationship crisis

This is not all since the book “uncovers” some other infidelities of the former soccer player, who also reportedly dated a woman named Sara Marbek. “He called her ‘Wendy’ as a pseudonym and the messages were even risque“, can be read in relation to these episodes that, apparently, were very common in David.

Bower not only leaves the family patriarch in a bad light but also the businesswoman, since shows her as a woman who “endures everything” to maintain her image. He even describes an episode that occurred in 2017 where the man tried not to have his photos taken while he was with another woman.

In addition, the author reveals the alleged crisis of Victoria’s clothing business, since her husband would have lent her a million-dollar sum. According to this information, she would have asked him for $23 million to keep her fashion empire afloat. In this way, not everything would be “rosy” in the world of the Beckhams.

David and Victoria Beckham with their children. Photos: IG.

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