Who is William Ding, the pig farmer who is now the king of video games

Who is William Ding, the pig farmer who is now the king of video games
Who is William Ding, the pig farmer who is now the king of video games

He is one of the technology millionaires for being the majority owner and founder of the mobile gaming company that grew the most last year in China.

William Ding He is one of the biggest millionaires in the world of technology for being the owner and founder of NetEasethe second largest video game company in China. His success in online gaming catapulted his company’s shares, with an 80% increase over the past year. This sum positioned him as the fourth richest person in his country.

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The Chinese businessman He has 45.5% of the shares in his company. The video game sector is not usually affected by the economic situation of its nation. NetEase mainly focuses on mobile titles such as Fantasy Westward Journey, Racing Master and Justine Mobile, where the majority of its revenue is based on advertising and extra payments from its consumers.

Who is William Ding, one of the richest billionaires in the world

NetEase’s success in video games is focused on the Chinese market, which is why Ding is taking steps to expand its user base internationally. It’s one of the pioneers in using generative AI to make their mobile games Get personalized answers for each player. For this reason, he reported that he will invest $1.4 billion in these technologies while seeking to expand abroad with partnerships with Warner Bros. and the acquisitions of Quantin Dream and SkyBox Land.

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The billionaire not only focuses on video games, but NetEase also explores the online education market with its Youdao branch. This spin-off provides a digital translation service, offers STEM education courses and vocational training for adults.

Another of Ding’s interests is sustainable agriculture. His passion drove him to invest in pig farming in 2009 and he now meets the demands of the Chinese market by selling his meat through his e-commerce division, Yanxuan. These sales recorded $270 million during the first three months of 2023.

William Ding net worth in 2024

The video game billionaire is in position 44 of the largest millionaires in the world, according to Forbes magazine, with a fortune of around 35.5 billion dollars.

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