Reasons why lemon tree does not bear fruit

Reasons why lemon tree does not bear fruit
Reasons why lemon tree does not bear fruit

He lemon Tree (Citrus x lemon) is one of the most popular trees in urban gardens and one that people want to have in their spaces because it is one of the citrus fruits that we enjoy the most in different meals, helping us to complement our dishes in a great way and making them delicious. Unfortunately, not everything is rosy when we have our tree and many times we see that it does not give the fruits that we would like.

On many occasions, lemon trees are extremely fast when it comes to bearing fruit. They can be experts in producing fruit quickly, however, there are extraordinary cases in which unfortunately they may not be producing the fruits. fruits that we want and this could put us in a very bad mood. But, Have you ever wondered if you are doing something wrong? well these could be some mistakes that you could be making and you didn’t know it.

Errors why a lemon tree does not bear fruit

Age: Many times a lemon tree may not produce the necessary fruits, despite being in bloom, and much of that is because it may not be old enough. The years in which Lemon trees usually bear fruit between 3 and 5 years, of course depending on the type of variety you are using.

These could be some of the reasons why your lemon tree is not bearing fruit. Photo: Special

Flowers: On some occasions it may be that the lemon tree is also producing flowers and they fall off during the process. This may be due to lack of water and therefore it does not have adequate pollination. Consequently, this will not help in the least to bear the necessary fruits.

Climate: A reality of the lemon tree is the fact that it happens to be from a warm climate, so thinking that it can survive in a cold climate could be the worst thing you would think. We recommend that if you live in a place where the climate is very cold, you should think that it will take much longer to bear fruit.

Nutrients: Like all types of fruit trees, lemon trees are also the type of trees that need a good amount of nutrients to flourish. Therefore, it is necessary that it has a high content of elements such as potassium. For this, a good infusion of banana or potato peels is recommended.

What should I do to make my lemon tree bear fruit?

It will be very important to highlight that Our tree should be in an area where it can receive adequate heat, because as we have highlighted, it loves heat greatly. Of course, we must think about the soil because it must be very well drained, also remembering that it should not be excessive. If you are in a frosty place, we recommend buying thermal blankets.

In spring and summer you should water with the same frequency with which you do it in Autumn, since this fruit requires a lot of humidity to form. Of course, you should fertilize with fertilizers rich in potash and low in nitrogen to stimulate flowering and fruiting. As for pruning, it should be only on the branches that are dead and those that are problematic.

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