First contact with the Fiat Fastback: what the new boldly designed SUV offers

First contact with the Fiat Fastback: what the new boldly designed SUV offers
First contact with the Fiat Fastback: what the new boldly designed SUV offers


The evolution of the industry over time brought an enormous amount of advances and with it the appearance of so-called modular platforms, capable of offering multiple possibilities. These are multifaceted structures that serve as a basis for developing vehicles of different sizes, wheelbases and body formats.

Thus, a company can make several developments to attack various categories while managing a much more logical cost, more sustainable in scale. There are a considerable number of examples in the industry, such is the case of the MP that served as the basis for Cronos and Argo and that, with some adjustments, helped Stellantis to give life to the MLA, from which Pulse and then emerged. Fastbackthis new model that the Italian brand incorporates into its local portfolio, almost two years later than originally planned.

The new Fiat Fastback, during the presentation in Salta

Finally, the disruptive SUV produced in Brazil was presented to the specialized press in the beautiful province of Salta and is already beginning to reach the dealer network in two versions: Turbo 270 AT6 and Abarth Turbo 270 AT6. One more conventional and another more spicy and suggestive from sportsmanship.

Taking the Pulse as a base, the designers worked to give it a more suggestive and daring personality, a style they achieved with the elongated and inclined tailgate in the best coupe style, from the inclination of the “C” pillar, typical of the bodies cataloged with the name chosen for this model: Fastback. It is clear that this is the central point of the discussion between those who approve the design and its detractors.

The front part is practically identical to that of the Pulse Abarth, both in terms of the grille format – although with a different framework and finish – and in terms of the stylized LED headlights and the bumper, including the fog projectors in the lower area. The lower area of ​​the nose with the air intake grille, the plastics that continue from there to border the wheel arches, also cover the sockets and end at the bottom of the rear bumper, remaining almost unchanged beyond some subtle touch-ups.

The gazes inevitably go towards the aforementioned rear sector, since it is undoubtedly the one that makes the difference, due to its format and robustness, which bears a certain resemblance to the finish of the BMW X6. The thin and elongated optics of that sector (half on the side and half on the tailgate) and the wheels, which are 18 inches, complete the image.

The new Fiat Fastback, during the presentation in Salta

The Abarth variant is differentiated by a series of touches and finishes: the scorpion logo on the trunk and sides, the carbon fiber-like appliqué on the upper lip of the grill, the rear bumper, the rear spoiler (on the edge of the tailgate) in piano black, the black wheels (lighter and with a multi-spoke design), and the double exhaust outlet, among the highlights. In both the roof comes in black.

The engine chosen for Fastback is the 1.3-liter turbo with 175 HP and 270 Nm of torque, the same one used Jeep Renegade, Compass and Commander, the Fiat Toro and the Pulse Abarth; and the transmission is a six-speed automatic with torque converter and steering wheel paddles. The Abarth variant has a different calibration for the box that stretches the ratios to achieve a more sporty driving style and has the “Poison” key on the steering wheel to act on the response of the engine and box when requiring greater aggressiveness in the performance. This more radical version also presents a different configuration of suspensions, brakes and exhaust system, all in sport tune, even the way it manages torque.

The cabin also features parts already seen in Pulse, hence the general configuration is somewhat familiar. The well-achieved habitability, with comfortable seats covered in ecological leather, a more than correct position behind the wheel thanks to the seat height adjustment (it is somewhat elevated even in the lowest position) and the double adjustment of the steering wheel, already guarantee a pleasant life. on board.

The first impression is good: The quality of finishes and materials is average than what is customary in the regional industry. As for the elements that make it up, we are going to find many pieces already seen in the Pulse. The 7″ digital and configurable dashboard, an item that meets the clarity of the information and the flow of it, with different graphics, such as the Fastback insignia that welcomes you when the vehicle is started, and colors that change, for example, to red when the so-called Sport key is activated, which is the simile “Poison” for the more civilized version of the Fastback, with which we made this first contact.

The new Fiat Fastback, during the presentation in Salta

The raised center console that includes an electric parking brake marks a difference with the original model, as does certain moldings and finishes of seats and doors. The protagonist of the front panel is the generous 10.1-inch multimedia screen with native browser, compatible with Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay, which provides speed in handling and commendable definition, in addition to the very good quality images that the camera sends when reverse is engaged. Push-button ignition, single-zone climate control, wireless cell phone charger, electrochromic mirror and cruise control are on the list. The Abarth version is differentiated by the red stitching, the poisonous insect printed on the backrests, and the extra instrument indicators such as turbo pressure and G-force gauge, among other details.

The rear seats – with available air vent – ​​offer more than enough space for the legs, although not as roomy for the heads due to the pronounced drop of the roof.. Those over six feet tall will surely feel this limitation. The trunk is the most outstanding aspect of the capacity category, since there are 600 liters available for loading, with the plus of a huge and high manhole. Under the carpet travels a wheel for temporary use, always the recipient of an objection.

The safety item includes four airbags (it’s curious that it doesn’t come with curtain bags), tire pressure monitoring, traction and stability controls, as well as Isofix hooks.. Both configurations have a trio of Level 1 driving assistance: autonomous emergency braking, lane maintenance system (alert and corrects) and automatic high beams.

The configuration of the suspension scheme was made with a focus on comfort, that is clear at all times, beyond the somewhat thin profile of the tires. In general, The Fastback offers a pleasant ride, being soft in the city and quite firm on the road. When picking up speed, it brings out the efficiency of the electrically assisted steering, appropriate stability in straight sections, and some slight inclinations in curves, where some understeer is evident due to excess speed. In general we found him obedient and safe. The journey between Salta capital and Cafayate did not allow for full acceleration or braking tests since it was done on an open road, sharing the usual traffic, but it was enough to have a first impression. It feels poised at the request of the accelerator, while the automatic transmission accompanies with consistent ratios, although with some laziness if the right pedal is pressed decisively.

The new Fiat Fastback, during the presentation in Salta

Beyond the verdict based on taste for design, It is clear that we are facing a disruptive vehicle among generalist brands, which does not go unnoticed. A modern car due to its conception and equipment, which has power and notable load capacity as its flags. Initially it will have the VW Nivus as its main rival and later it will compete with the Basalt, its cousin from Citroën. That is what Fiat is proposing with the Fastback, which is reaching dealerships for $31,500,000 in this Turbo AT6 version with which La Nación made contact in Salta.

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