director Luis Carlos Reyes explains why and issues a warning

director Luis Carlos Reyes explains why and issues a warning
director Luis Carlos Reyes explains why and issues a warning

“Closed by the Dian.” This is read in a notice that officials from the National Directorate of Taxes and National Customs posted on the door of a Adidas outlet, in Bogotá. The entity took the measure after its control operations.

The store, located on Carrera 60 where it sells products from the multinational sportswear company, was closed for three days.

Why did Dian close the Adidas outlet in Bogotá?

Dian officials in the Adidas store.


“The measure was applied in accordance with the provisions of Article 657 of the Tax Statute and arises from the permanent verification work to comply with the obligations of issuance and delivery of the electronic invoice carried out by the entity in businesses throughout the country” , the entity said in a statement.

The tax authority received a complaint and proceeded to verify it. As he explained, the establishment delivered its defenses, then the evidence was evaluated and finally The sanction “for non-compliance in the issuance of the electronic invoice” was confirmed.

In this regard, Luis Carlos Reyes, director of Dian, stated that the electronic invoice is “a tool in the fight against evasion.”

Those who, being obliged to issue it, do not do so or do not do so in accordance with the regulations, face sanctions like this“, he pointed out in a message on the social network X.

Message from Luis Carlos Reyes, director of Dian, regarding the closure of the Adidas outlet in Bogotá.


The only information that can be requested for the electronic invoice

By 2024, it is planned that Colombia will completely transition to the issuance of electronic invoices. When you make purchases, you will no longer be given a paper invoice, but rather the establishment will be obliged to issue it digitally.

  • Name or Social reason.
  • Identification number or NIT.
  • Email.

Then, the document will arrive at the email you provided.

Penalties for failing to comply with the electronic invoice

The paper invoice will gradually disappear.


As established in the Tax Statute, Businesses that do not properly issue the invoice may be sanctioned with a three-day closure.

If they want to avoid this measure, they can pay a fine that is imposed “on the gross operational income of the taxpayer in the month prior to the visit that gave rise to the process,” said Dian. This amount ranges between 5% and 15% of income, depending on the type of punishable act.

Luis Carlos Reyes, director of the Dian


“Closing sanctions do not occur deliberately, nor overnight. On the contrary, they are the result of a series of established stages and times that the entity must follow with rigorous legal and evidentiary support,” the authority stated. .

Before closing, there is a control visit, statement of objections, analysis and defenses, and resolution and sanction. Also, establishments can file a challenge against the measure.


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