This is the most expensive $1 dollar coin in the United States: it is worth 10 million dollars

This is the most expensive $1 dollar coin in the United States: it is worth 10 million dollars
This is the most expensive $1 dollar coin in the United States: it is worth 10 million dollars

Every day, millions of dollars, whether in coins or bills, circulate throughout the country. Most are generally only worth their face value, that is, 1 cent coins are only worth 1 cent and so on. Nevertheless, some copies can sell for thousands and up to millions of dollars to collectors if they meet certain characteristics.

According to the specialized portal US First Exchange, The value of a coin or note is determined based on three main factors: rarity, condition/grade of the coin or note, and market conditions, i.e. demand. The combination of these three factors determines whether a coin or bill is worth more or less money.

Currently there are some pieces in circulation that are worth tens, hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars. However, certain specimens can be worth much more. For example, In 2013, a $1 coin sold for more than 10 million. We explain what it is and what its characteristics are.

This is the 1 dollar coin that is worth more than $10 million

A rare 1794 silver dollar, believed to be one of the first to be minted by the United States Mint, holds the record of the most expensive coin in history.

This specimen, known as “Flowing Hair”, Features a portrait of Lady Liberty on one side and an eagle on the other. The last time it was up for auction, in 2013, it sold for more than $10 million, breaking the world record for the most ever paid for a rare coin.

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Lady Liberty’s curls show incredible definitioneven in their highest relief above Liberty’s ear, just like the eagle’s feathers showing all the fine nuances of the die,” notes Stack’s Bowers, the oldest rare coin auction house in the United States.

The American businessman, Bruce Morelanan American businessman who likes to collect coins, paid for the “flowing hair silver dollar,” $10,016,875 in 2013. In accordance with Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Nevada businessman sold the piece in 2022 to the Irvine, California-based auction house GreatCollections for $12 million.

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