Hydrogen obtains another victory in the USA thanks to this station for large trucks

Hydrogen obtains another victory in the USA thanks to this station for large trucks
Hydrogen obtains another victory in the USA thanks to this station for large trucks

What if hydrogen were the key solution to consider in the transport of goods? The United States is deploying an infrastructure

The hydrogen station will allow dozens of hydrogen fuel cell trucks to be serviced every day. FEF

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Sustainable mobility has been proposed as an alternative that It has a couple of aspects today. On the one hand there are electrical mechanics with all their advantages, and on the other hand, hydrogen technology. Without this proposal being standardized yet, There are more and more projects that are aimed at development in the industrial field and in the transportation of goods. The best example of these is the large truck station in the United States. What is this project about?

Hydrogen is getting a bit of a boost thanks to this truck station in the United States

FirstElement Fuel (FEF) has created a hydrogen refueling station that It is designed especially for heavy-duty vehicles.. This is a service that tries to standardize a type of mechanics that could have a great advantage in this segment. We are faced with a company with great development in regards to this technology, which is why it has a great know-how to implement business scalability. It is located in the port of Oakland, space through which the circulation of 99% of the containers transits from Northern California.

FEF hydrogen station

This hydrogen station has the capacity to store 18,000 kg of hydrogen. FEF

It is a station that multiplies its hydrogen capacity compared to what it had previously. This new service could facilitate freight transport companies to commit to development of this proposal in the heat of the public aid that is related to its commercialization. Furthermore, it should be noted that the net carbon emissions for the production of this means of transportation are practically zero, an element that has become a pillar within the sector.

Among the truck manufacturers that are collaborating on the project to integrate hydrogen is Hyundai. In fact, there is a fleet of about thirty XCIENTs already operating the newly upgraded facilities. The medium-term objective is for brands in the sector to dare to adopt this technology in the face of a substantial improvement in charging infrastructure. Companies such as Cummins, Bosch, Daimler, Nikola, Toyota, Volvo and Quantron are already making moves to offer their products in this market.

According to Top Speed, the new FEF station in Oakland can supply up to a maximum of 18,000 kg of hydrogen diaries. This would allow vehicles like the truck that was a Volvo prototype to have their maximum autonomy in just a few minutes. On a theoretical level, it is believed that it is possible to guarantee the refueling of up to 200 tractor heads per day. This is because, using a new solution, it is possible to compress liquid hydrogen to 875 bar pressure. Are we facing a new business model in the transportation sector? The next few years will be crucial to know.

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