How to keep your clothes in order: 10 tips from organization experts

How to keep your clothes in order: 10 tips from organization experts
How to keep your clothes in order: 10 tips from organization experts

Organizers suggest assigning an individual basket for each family member (Getty/iStockphoto)

Organize and wash clothes It can seem like a never-ending task, a perpetual cycle that consumes time and energy. For those who are part of active families, this task becomes even more complicated. “If you’re part of a family that works out, plays sports, dresses for work, and then changes into casual clothes when you get home, chances are you all wear more than one outfit a day,” she says. Lauren Saltmanprofessional organizer and owner of Living Simplified. In these situations, the mountain of dirty laundry can grow quickly, creating chaos that is difficult to control.

However, consistency is key when it comes to maintaining the neat clothes. With a few changes to your routine and the implementation of effective strategies, it is possible to simplify the laundry process and make it more manageable. Organization experts share ten of their best tips for tackling this everyday challenge and overcoming clothing problems once and for all:

One of the most important tips is to assign an individual laundry basket for each family member. This system not only speeds up the sorting and distribution of clean clothes, but also encourages responsibility in children. Melanie Summersprofessional organizer and owner of I Speak Organizedsuggests using baskets of different colors or labeling them with names so that each member of the family can quickly find their clothes and put them away.

Use different colors for towels and make them easier to classify and store

Assign a specific color to each family member or each bathroom can make the process of folding and storing towels easier. This technique is also useful for identifying those who leave wet towels on the floor, a common problem in many homes.

The stocking classification can quickly become a frustrating task. To avoid this, it is recommended Place a small lingerie bag in each individual hamper and store dirty socks there after each use. This will eliminate the need for sorting. Lauren Saltman suggests labeling a basket for “unique socks” and checking weekly to match them.

It’s fundamental Treat stains as soon as they are detected. Saltman recommends storing the stain remover with the laundry basket instead of the detergent. “When you take off your clothes, inspect them for stains and treat them immediately,” says Saltman. This helps prevent permanent stains and makes washing later easier.

Have a designated space Having a flat surface to fold clothes can make the process more convenient and less overwhelming. Olivia Parksprofessional organizer in New Orleanssuggests investing in a table covered with a pretty tablecloth or using a freshly made bed if extra space isn’t available.

To avoid wrinkles and ensure your clothes are ready to wear right away, it’s crucial to fold and hang them as soon as they come out of the dryer. This practice also helps keep the laundry area organized. Summers advises families to take a few extra minutes to fold or hang items immediately after each load.

Creating a daily laundry routine improves efficiency (Illustrative Image Infobae)

Create one daily routine for washing clothes can help you better manage this task. Parks suggests setting a timer for each stage of the washing process. This stopwatch creates a sense of urgency and helps you stay focused and efficient.

To establish a weekly schedule for washing clothes can make time management easier. Summers suggests getting opinions from other members of the household about which day is best for them. Having a specific day to wash bedding, towels, or different people’s clothes will make the task less overwhelming.

An often overlooked step is cleaning the washing machine. Mary Mooneycleaning expert Truly Free, recommends using a washing machine cleaner once a month to remove detergent residue, organic material, and mold. This ensures that the clothes are completely clean and extends the life of the machine.

Finally, involve the whole family in the washing process it can lighten the load. Although it may seem like younger children make work take longer, this teaches them responsibility from an early age. Over time, they can take on more complex tasks until they are able to wash their own clothes. Acquiring good habits from a young age ensures better organization at home and encourages family collaboration.

These tips from professional organizers can transform the task of doing laundry into a more efficient and less stressful process. With a little organization and everyone’s help, keeping clothes clean and tidy can become a manageable routine.

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