Vanessa Guerra, expert in non-verbal language, analyzes the true current situation of Mary from Denmark

Vanessa Guerra, expert in non-verbal language, analyzes the true current situation of Mary from Denmark
Vanessa Guerra, expert in non-verbal language, analyzes the true current situation of Mary from Denmark

After the gala dinner at the royal palace in Stockholm, Mary Donaldson (52 years old) reappeared this Tuesday, May 7, alongside Queen Silvia of Sweden on a second day of official events where the wife of Frederick of Denmark wore a spectacular midi-length red dress that left no one indifferent. . A chromatic tone that suits her wonderfully and that makes clear the great moment she is going through after so many months mired in controversy.

Six months after the cover of Readings in which Frederick with Vanessa Guerra, expert in non-verbal language, and thus know the vital moment that Mary is going through, who has always remained firm and by her husband’s side despite rumors of infidelity.

As the expert says, in the latest photographs that have been seen of Mary in Sweden, Vanesa explains that she is seen talking and interacting with the people around her. “She doesn’t look tense”, explains the expert about the consort’s body language. Of course, the “little spot” that Donaldson has in his eye stands out, which “spinning thin can be from stress“, although “it cannot be ratified that this is the case.”

In the snapshots, Guerra says that he even sees some “suspicious” looks, although since it is an official act and he does not know who he is looking at, it is difficult for him to determine what is going through his mind at that moment. “There is a lack of context but it looks correct and like anyone could be at an event of these characteristics. He is normal, smiling. She looks relaxed, natural. She doesn’t look uncomfortable“says Vanesa, who highlights the bright color that Donaldson has chosen.

Mary Donaldson shows her eye stroke.


“With the color red it conveys strength, something that helps her stay stoic in the face of these events and visits that she makes while it is known that there is a relationship crisis or when it is known that she is not having a good time,” the expert explains to Lecturas. In addition, Vanesa reveals to this medium that in the snapshots in which He sees the couple together and notices that “they get along well with each other.”

King Frederick gave a sweet kiss on the cheek in front of the cameras when they arrived for lunch as she affectionately and gently placed her hand on her husband’s arm. According to international media accounts, this romantic display appears to mark a return to “the good old days,” as the 23-year romance between Australian-born Mary and the monarch was often called a “fairy tale of life.” real” after they met in a Sydney pub. “The parents of Crown Prince Christian and Princess Isabella couldn’t stop smiling at each other during the celebration, where their clear love and commitment to each other shone,” they explain in ‘The Daily Mail’. Who at some point told rumors of crisis?

“Everything we see in the photos and videos are theories and hypotheses. Yes, we translate a little how they are, but we are also not clear if they are giving each other time, if they agree and are having a well-agreed separation and the two They have lives out there but they do this together and then they get along well. They are all ideas and concepts of something we don’t know. They don’t look very affectionate, they look polite. That’s as far as we can go. You can see that they are smiling and that it is not fake. Furthermore, in the photo in which the four of them are, Federico from Denmark grabs his wife from behind. Cordial. He looks cordial and correct“reveals Guerra.

Mary Donaldson’s stroke

Wearing a gorgeous red dress cut at the waist, puffed sleeves and a flattering teardrop neckline, Mary has attracted attention due to a leak in her left eye. A subconjunctival hemorrhage which is certainly more visually alarming than it really is.

And this small abscess of blood that accumulates in this internal area of ​​the visual organ attracts a lot of attention but is not worrying for those who suffer from it. As highlighted in the magazine ‘Clara’, this could have been due to “some occasional power surges arterial,” explains Maria Rodriguezemergency physician.

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