How was the relationship between Diomedes Díaz and Omar Geles?

How was the relationship between Diomedes Díaz and Omar Geles?
How was the relationship between Diomedes Díaz and Omar Geles?

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While playing tennis with Osmar Geles at the Country Club in the North of Valledupar, Omar Geles suffered cardiorespiratory arrest. He was immediately taken to the Erasmus Clinic, where he died last Tuesday, May 21.

Geles was responsible for creating more than 900 albums and some performed by Silvestre Dangond, Patricia Terán, Felipe Peláez, Jorge Celedón, Miguel Morales, Los Diablitos and Los Gigantes de Vallenato; which until now are playing at full volume on digital platforms and national radio.

The relationship between Omar Geles and Diomedes Díaz

Diomedes Diaz He was considered one of the most important figures of Colombian folklore, as it allowed him to work with several composers and accordion players such as Omar Geles.

Nevertheless, The collegial relationship between the two began to fracture after an event in the Plaza Alfonso López de Valledupar, in 2005, when “El cacique de la junta” performed some songs.

There was a moment when the latter invited Omar Geles to share the stage, but it ended in discussion when Geles began to sing, which woke up “jealousy” of Diomedes; so he proceeded to tell her that “play the accordion.” In this situation, Omar Geles refused and decided to get off the stage.

– Diomedes to Omar: “Play the accordion, play the accordion.”

-Omar to -Diomedes: “You told me to sing and you won’t shut me up.”

The situation remained like that for a while, until one day, without having planned it, they both met again at the Barranquilla airport and They decided to smooth things over, understanding that everything was part of the moment.

“I ran into him and tried to hide and he told me ‘brother, where are you going? Come here ‘(…) and he told me, ‘Give me a hug and don’t worry, those are folklore things’“, said Omar Geles while traveling by bus.

From that day on, the relationship between the two strengthened, making Omar Geles always remember Diomedes Díaz as “the father of the chicks.”

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