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After a video went viral on social media video in which an apparently drunk man verbally pleases the famous vallenato singer Mono Zabaleta during the funeral of the singer-songwriter and king Vallenato Omar Geles Suarez in the Alfonso López Square, The artist’s musical organization clarified the situation through a Press release.

The document, made up of eight points, ensures that The artist was never removed from the wake, where he arrived in the company of his accordion player Daniel Maestre. Furthermore, it was highlighted thatThe relationship between both artists remained on good terms, Despite the controversy that arose at the beginning of the year over the price of Omar Geles’ songs, when Zabaleta Monkey He mentioned that he had not included a song by the singer-songwriter on one of his albums due to its high cost.

Jairo Cassiani Funeral of Omar Geles in Valledupar.

“El Mono Zabaleta was never removed from the wake where maestro Omar Geles was said goodbye. The artist came to say goodbye to his former friend and accompany his family at this time. His relationship with the Geles family is not broken in any way. In fact, he came to offer his condolences to all his relatives, who hugged him and thanked him for accompanying them,” the statement reads.

Regarding the alleged incident in Plaza Alfonso López, they explained that it was a person in a state of intoxication, whose behavior was reproached by Omar Geles’ family. “The video shows a person outside the Geles family who, while highly intoxicated, made an inappropriate comment that caused Mono astonishment and nervousness. The Geles family itself refuted this subject and invited him to calm down, since it was disrespectful for the moment in which he was living,” the statement clarifies.

Famous vallenato singer was thrown out of Omar Geles’s funeral and came out to clarify what happened

Mono Zabaleta’s organization asked the digital news portals to rectify the publication and stressed that Omar Geles and Mono Zabaleta maintained a good friendship as musicians of Vallenato folklore. In addition, they highlighted that the interpreter of ‘The Kidnapping’ always referred to King Vallenato with “admiration and respect.”. “Mono Zabaleta’s relationship with Omar Geles was on excellent terms, as can be demonstrated with the publication that teacher Omar Geles made on March 13, 2024 on his Instagram, where he jokingly took the situation of collecting a song”, concludes the statement.

Omar Geles was buried at 4:00 in the afternoon on Thursday, May 23 at the Gardens of Ecce Homo cemetery. The singer-songwriter began his musical career in 1981, participating in the Vallenata Legend Festival at 14 years old. She composed her first song in 1986, inspired by great pain due to unrequited love. Her first success, ‘I will wait for you’, he recorded it with Miguel Morales and tells a story of waiting and love.

Jairo Cassiani Funeral of Omar Geles in Valledupar.

Throughout his 43-year career, Geles was noted for his ability to compose songs that resonated deeply with his audience. One of his most iconic works‘The ways of the life’, recorded in 1993 by The Little Devils, became a universal anthem, known and loved in various parts of the world. This song, dedicated to his mother Hilda Suáreznarrates the difficulties he faced during his childhood and his mother’s efforts to raise the family.

Fan cries at Omar Geles' funeral in Valledupar.
Jairo Cassiani Fan cries at Omar Geles’ funeral in Valledupar.

Omar Geles was a simple man, dedicated and passionate about vallenato music. His legacy includes not only his musical successes, but also his desire to inspire new generations to follow in his footsteps in music. In his own words, Geles expressed his gratitude to God for his career and his desire to be remembered for his passion and dedication to vallenato music.

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The vallenato world is mourning the loss of Omar Geles, a man who left an indelible mark on Vallenato folklore with his talent, humility and deep connection with his roots.

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