“She is very sick, the treatment is exhausting”

Lady Colin Campbell speaks

Kate Middleton is scheduled to resume her schedule in 2024, but there is no scheduled date

The biographer of the Princess of Wales has explained how the British Royal House faces this situation

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Kate Middleton He underwent “abdominal surgery” that set off all the alarms. Nobody knew what was happening and this situation generated a lot of tension, so the princess had no choice but to step forward to tell what was happening. Through a video that went around the world, announced that they had detected cancer and that he was receiving “preventive chemotherapy.”

After months of expectation he has spoken Lady Colin Campbell, Kate Middleton’s biographer. She has first-hand information about her health status and the comments she has made about her have increased concern. The writer knows exactly how she has affected the princess’s illness to the British Royal House. It must be taken into account that the monarch is also fighting cancer.

After the disappearance of Charles III from public life, a power vacuum was created that was not covered by his eldest son, Prince William. The reason is now known. The heir is next to his wife, who still does not have any scheduled date to resume his agenda. Of course, Colin Campbell assures that he will do it throughout 2024, when its condition is optimal. Now he must recover

Kate Middleton, during her statement. (Photo: Gtres)

«Katherine is very sick. The treatment is exhausting. She has to reserve herself to recover and to be able to take care of her three children, who are very young. It’s as simple as that, she’s too sick to be active.», he declared in this regard.

Kate’s illness has caused other family members to advance positions on the media ladder.

Beatrice of York will gain public notoriety

The British royal family You are experiencing a complex situation. We must not lose sight of the fact that the country is going through an electoral process, which is why it is important that there is representation from the Royal Family at certain events. That’s the reason why Beatrice of York and Sarah Ferguson have gained media weight in recent weeks.

Those responsible for the institution are trying to cover up the absence of Kate Middleton with other faces that have a good reputation among the people.

Beatrice of York, Princess Beatrice of York, substitute Kate Middleton,
Princess Beatrice of York, with her husband at an event (Photo: Gtres)

“I’ve been saying for years that the York girls should have increased the number of your commitments. Eugenia lives in Portugal, so unless she returns to the UK it won’t be possible for her, but Beatriz is excellent. During the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, she did an excellent job with her grandmother. She is very good at what she does. I love that you are taking on so many more things. and I hope it continues to be like that,” says the biographer of the Princess of Wales in the newspaper Woman Today.

Queen Camilla has the support of the people

Lady Colin Campbell recalls that the cancellation of Kate Middleton’s schedule has placed Queen Camilla in the center of the news. According to her information, the consort has earned the support of the people.

Queen Camila, Queen Camila fame, queen camila agenda, ,
Queen Camilla, during a visit to Shropshire. (Photo: Gtres)

«The people have been very pleasant amazed at how Queen Camilla has been functioning. It didn’t surprise me at all because I know what she is like. She is a very sensitive woman, she is very pragmatic, she has a great attitude and He does his job without making any kind of show. “The public is realizing all this now.”

The writer has also highlighted the role she is playing Charles III. She believes that she is following a different strategy than her mother Elizabeth II would have followed, but the results, from her point of view, show that she has not been wrong.

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