Mirtha Legrand was moved to receive a greeting from Pope Francis and made a strong claim to him

Mirtha Legrand was moved to receive a greeting from Pope Francis and made a strong claim to him

Like every weekend, Mirtha Legrand headed a new table in which he received figures from entertainment, politics and medicine to talk about current events, their work and personal projects. One of the highlights of the program was when the diva received the greeting from Pope Francisco. Beyond her emotion, the driver took the opportunity to make a complaint.

After introducing your guests –Arnaldo AndréParaguayan film and television actor; Franco Mercurialijournalist; Mariana Breycommunicator and panelist and Fernando Burlandolawyer – Chiqui received her cook, Jimena Monteverdewho had returned from a trip to Rome, Italy.

Mirtha Legrand made a strong claim to the Pope (Credit: Reuters)

“We received Jimena, who was in the Vatican for a few days,” commented Legrand, while Jimena approached the table with emotion. “Mirtha, I missed you. I’m really telling you,” the author of the book “Anyone Can Cook” told him. Then, the blonde revealed to the diva that he had a special message for her: “You know what I have a message for you, from the Pope. The only person he spoke to was me. I showed her your video, in which you sent her greetings, and she told me that sends you a big kiss. She told me ‘tell her that I always see her, but tell her secretly.’”

Upon hearing that the Supreme Pontiff had dedicated a few words to her, Mirtha did not hide her surprise. As she clutched her head she expressed: “I can not believe it! Great!”. Laughing, Monteverde added: “I am sinning! Don’t let him see this.” It was then that Chiqui commented that she had seen a photo of her partner with the Pope. “I shook his hand and he was talking to me about you, to the only person who spoke to him,” Jimena explained.

Pope Francis had expressed his desire to visit Argentina (EFE/EPA/CLAUDIO PERI)

Then, when asked by one of the guests, Monteverde gave details of why he traveled to see the Pope. “I went to cook at a foundation he has. There we did a little of everything. Francisco has an association that welcomes immigrants and teaches them different trades“Jimena pointed out. Furthermore, the cook commented that the experience was enriching since it was a “cultural exchange.” Finally, she concluded by highlighting Francisco’s friendliness: “It was incredible to have him by my side. I know that he is not always nice to everyone, but he is to me.”

Taking advantage of the situation, Legrand could not hide his concern about the Pope’s possible visit to the country: “Didn’t he tell you anything if he came? Because that is the great intrigue of all Argentines. “Some say he’s not coming.” Franco Mercuriali joined the debate and added information: “Some were talking about November as the possibility of him coming to Argentina.” It was then that Mirtha launched her strong claim: “He cannot be an Argentine Pope and not come. He has never come”.

In mid-January of this year, Francisco had expressed his desire to visit Argentina. “People are suffering a lot, it is a difficult time. In August I must go to Polynesia and then, if it can be done, I will go to Argentina. I want to go”The Supreme Pontiff said in statements to Italian television. It is worth remembering that President Javier Milei sent a letter to Pope Francis to invite him to visit the country, in what would be the supreme pontiff’s first visit since he has been at the head of the Catholic Church.

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